A new "Owner's Suite" Arcadia Sherpa has been launched for Australian owner

–    The ninth Sherpa to be launched is the first Arcadia Yachts model to enter the Australian market
–    This proves yet again that the brand is expanding in the most diverse markets worldwide
–    In this ninth Sherpa, the second cabin has been replaced by a lounge/living room for the highest relax for the Owner or his guests 

Ten years on, Arcadia Yachts is still expanding worldwide. Further confirmation of this came a few days ago with the launch of the ninth Sherpa in Owner’s Suite version, which will reach its Owner in Australia in a few weeks’ time. Another Owner’s Suite hull, aimed at the Mediterranean market, will soon join the Sherpa fleet, which has gained a great success in recent years in all its versions, such as “Sun Lovers (with three huge sun beds in the stern) and Black Tie.

A model dedicated to its owner
This ninth unit of Sherpa is built in Owner’s Suite version. The most common layout of this 18-metre yacht includes two cabins. In this hull, however, there is a large Owner’s suite and the second cabin has been replaced by a living-room/lounge area, which can be used by the owner or guests for their relax. Guests can use the day toilet here. The convivial character of this version is highlighted by the additional features installed at the owner’s request, including two refrigerators, an ice maker and a wine cellar, dedicated to the numerous guests who can be welcomed aboard.

These differences integrate perfectly with the features underlying Sherpa’s success over the years: a compact-sized yacht in which the enormous aft deck (nearly 50 square metres) is a true pieds dans l’eau terrace, designed to allow the owner and guests to enjoy a truly unique experience on board, in direct contact with the natural environment. All spaces are designed to favour convivial activities as much as possible. 

Among its strengths, Sherpa includes an unrivalled 23,000 litre storage space under the main deck. The flush deck solution for the main deck area means everything can be stored below, which leaves the entire deck clear and ready to be equipped for all sorts of purposes. The storage space is large enough to house the tender and the jet-ski at the same time, and there is still room for some water toys, canned food and beverages. The large hydraulic access hatch, with a specifically designed crane, can be used to handle the toys.

“The owner has chosen Sherpa because of the aft cockpit’s wonderful layout,” explains the Owner Rep. “This allows him to have a very large liveable area to fully enjoy daily outings, even when there are many guests aboard. The decision to have the version with one cabin was taken in order to maximise open areas and to be able to sleep at anchor at the same time. Additionally, in Australia owners usually steer their own yacht, so there is no need to have a crew cabin.”


Sherpa’s versatility allows the owner and guests to fully enjoy their experience on board, because it is designed to create large, convivial spaces that can however ensure the ideal privacy if the owner prefers a private cruise, enjoying the highest standards of comfort and navigation safety.

A winning philosophy
The expansion that led this Italian brand to become truly global is based on a very specific philosophy, which has contact between humans and nature at its heart. The natural environment is not just enhanced in Arcadia yachts – it is also (and possibly most importantly) respected. The large openings make air conditioning almost unnecessary because pleasant sea breezes can move freely through the yacht. The solar panels (integrated in the upper frame) provide enough energy to keep the use of generators to a minimum, which enhances natural sounds when at anchor. Using large, state-of-the-art glass windows with high thermal insulation proves yet again how committed the shipyard is to maintaining its environmental standards.  

From the solar panels that reduce (or remove) the need for generators when at anchor to the large, thermally-insulated windows and the high-efficiency semi-displacement hull that allows for significantly reduced consumption, everything on board the Arcadia yachts is designed for a unique experience at sea in direct contact with the surrounding environment. Arcadia Yachts is continuing to invest in research and development so that it can always use cutting-edge technology to create yachts that can perfectly balance sustainability, design, conviviality, safety and ease of use.

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