Azimut Benetti: seven awards at the World Yachts Trophies

After closing the season with the positive economic results announced during the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Azimut|Benetti Group was the star of the gala evening for the awarding of the World Yachts Trophies.

In addition to the six prizes awarded this year to the novelties of the two brands, Azimut Yachts and Benetti, Special recognition to Paolo Vitelli, awarded for his “Outstanding Carrier”.

For the first time a Benetti giga yacht on the highest podium in its category

The eighteenth edition of the World Yachts Trophies, organized in Cannes by the prestigious magazine Yachts France, once again recognizes the excellence of Made in Italy and, in particular, pays tribute to the leadership of the Vitelli family Group, which continues to bring innovation and creativity to the nautical world.

Proceeding in increasing order, Azimut Atlantis 45 was awarded, within the category dedicated to yachts between 45 and 64 feet (from 13.70 to 19.50 meters) for its interior design: the jury was impressed from the welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere created by Neo Design studio in collaboration with the shipyard from Avigliana. Its spacious structure, given by the design will to maintain the kitchen and dinette in the frontage position, boasts great functionality. The yacht features two cabins: the owner’s cabin and a second one in the middle of the boat, with two beds that can be joined together, if required, to make a double bed. A third bed can also be added. And two bathrooms, both with separate shower cabins.


Furthermore, Azimut 78 Fly, new flagship of the Fly Collection and new entry of the CarbonTech generation, was awarded for the layout, within the category that includes boats with a length between 64 and 80 feet (from 19.50 meters up to 24). This ultra-innovative and hyper-technological boat makes an impression for its design: the futuristic and patinated exterior lines are signed by Alberto Mancini, while Achille Salvagni is the author of the sophisticated interior décor. This prestigious collaboration led to a perfect balance between extremely dynamic lines and very large volumes.

Rewarded as one of the most innovative and interesting boats of the Show, the brand new Azimut S8, surprisingly announced near the show, won the award. Modernity, grit, design and sportiness declined in their most elegant sense are the watchwords of this 24.63-meter yacht with the highest level of technological innovation, thanks to the combination of widespread use of Carbon Tech and triple propulsion Volvo Penta IPS. The one of its kind layout features four cabins on the lower deck and a closed galley on an intermediate deck. The Main Deck concept is an alternation of lounge and dining areas, characterised by seamless continuity extending across the interior and exterior design. The two designers are: Alberto Mancini and Francesco Guida. The exterior of Azimut Grande S10 was awarded the first prize within the category dedicated to boats between 80 and 98 feet in length (from 24 to 30 meters). The S Collection flagship was born from the contribution of Alberto Mancini, for the exteriors, and Francesco Guida, for the interiors. It is a unique yacht, sporty and classy at the same time: in 28 meters of length the elegance of the megasailers, the architecture of a modern villa overlooking the sea and the sporty character of the automotive design have been cleverly combined. These are three elements of great originality and undoubted charm that faultlessly coexist in this yacht and give it a new dimension. Thanks to this uniqueness and originality, Grande S10 won a second prize as “the most innovative boat of the year”. With this model Azimut Yachts has gone beyond the standards of the market segment to trace a new path in the entire sector.

Giorgio M. Cassetta is the designer of the exterior of M/Y “Metis”, which earned this 63-meter Custom yacht the first step of the podium in the Best Design Exterior category of yachts between 164 and 270 feet (from 50 to 82 meters). “Metis” design maximize the dynamic proportions of a yacht with an imposing long bow with vertical straight. The author of the external design defines her “a modern and timeless yacht, which reveals large volumes behind fluid lines and innovative peculiarities, such as the private deck. The design is minimal, while maintaining Benetti’s sense of sophisticated elegance”. Interior architectural are designed by Bannenberg & Rowell, and interior decoration is a collaboration between the British Studio ant the german firm Birgit Otte Interior.


Finally, Benetti FB277, a 107-meter Giga yacht, excelled in the category of boats over 270 feet in length (over 82 meters). One of the protagonists of the Benetti Giga Season, FB277 is powered by an electric diesel propulsion system, with interior and exterior designed created entirely by Benetti. The hull of the yacht is steel, while the superstructure is aluminum. Key features include a large pool on the Sun Deck, a grand piano, a spa with hammam, a massage room with a gym and a touch and go helipad. Its maximum width is 15.2 meters and the gross tonnage is 3.300 tons.

From the outside, its elongated and linear profile, emphasized by huge windows, is designed for lovers of contemporary and minimal design; the bow is sculpted to tackle even rough sea conditions with ease and comfort. At the stern, each bridge ends with soft lines that extend downwards. The spaces dedicated to guests offer every kind of comfort to be enjoyed during their adventure at sea.


On top of these prizes dedicated to the products, there is the extraordinary recognition of the career award given to Paolo Vitelli. The jury wanted to reward a long entrepreneurial history based on vision, product and production systems innovation, and great strategic skills to serve the global market. Paolo Vitelli said: “This long year of celebrations continues to give us awards and certificates of esteem by a world that I have always loved and to which I have dedicated these last decades. The Cannes Yachting Festival in particular gave us some truly unique moments: we announced the brilliant results of our last year, celebrated the 50th anniversary with our international customers on a magical evening and we received great interest and appreciation for the our latest models, a token that the yachts of our two brands excel in all categories, from 12 up to 100 meters. I could not have imagined a better conclusion for this boat show ”.

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