Centrostiledesign signed the interior of an exclusive Sanlorenzo SX76

Sanlorenzo and Centrostiledesign celebrate the harmony of contrasts with a surprising new design for an SX76 model unit, bringing interiors that represent the ultimate expression of the owner’s personality to the clean, minimalist exterior lines of this original yacht. The interior design project acts as a full-fledged style statement and tells a story of luxury in an unprecedented language influenced by Street Art and Pop Art.

Centrostiledesign has created the interiors for an exquisite SX76 unit that represents a perfect synthesis between the classic flybridge motor yacht and Explorer-type craft designed by Sanlorenzo. Exterior lines that are clean, modern and minimalist are paired with interiors that are totally out of the box, representing one of the most exciting and compelling challenges ever tackled by the company led by Davide Cipriani.

It is a challenge that Centrostiledesign accepted with enthusiasm and decided to tackle by forging a new language, one that tells the story of luxury in a totally unprecedented way. Taking the request to think out of the box as their starting point, Cipriani’s team decided to include elements that are clearly inspired by Pop Art and Street Art. The result is an amazing mixture of graphic design, iconic objects and bright colours that breathe life into every corner of the boat.

One-of-a-kind, the Sanlorenzo SX76 looks set to launch a style trend in which the owner’s personality is given its fullest expression. The peculiarity of this approach can be seen in the choice of cult objects by Cassina and design by Tvboy, the artist with a reputation for his strikingly communicative and provocative contemporary murals.

The walls, spaces and floors throughout the yacht form a blank canvas on which to create shapes, lines and colours that contrast as much as they are in perfect harmony with a form of stylistic expression that plays by its own rules, one that is not only full of personality and far from fleeting fashions, but also antithetical to common concepts of nautical style.

Creative innovation can be seen in the clearly visible selection on the Main Deck of some of the most representative and best-known articles of furniture by Cassina, enhanced by striking materials and colours, like the yellow and white leather Privè sofa by Philippe Starck and the Gender armchair by Patricia Urquiola, with sky blue and yellow fabric paired with brown leather.

The maniacal attention to detail, elevated by the stylistic overtones of each setting and by striking graphical structures, culminates in the texture of the floors and ceilings, both specially designed and produced for the customer.

The combination of big-name furniture, artworks and hand craftsmanship transforms the SX76 into a full-fledged style statement, offering harmonious contrasts in which luxury is in equal measure customisation and a tribute to Italian artistic expression in all its forms.

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