Floating Life, Young Designer Hub to Innovative Yachting

It has also launched a design competition that will see the winning project exhibited as a scale model

“We are now in a market that has become static and no longer attributes the same value to researching and developing new things and ingenuity.  To innovate a sector as strict and traditional as the nautical one, we need the kind of brilliant minds you get typically in young people who are capable of imagining what does not yet exist”. This is why Andrea Pezzini of Floating Life, a yacht management, charter and design company, has made the decision to open a new division in his business dedicated to young designers and fostering their ideas. 

“We are already in contact with various Italian universities which offer study courses and masters in both naval engineering and yacht design, to explain our new project to the designers and engineers of the future about to enter the different areas of the sector. This is a project that takes an original approach to tackling the future of the nautical sector by combining our skills with the new proposals that the young designers bring with them”.  

To give the new division the best possible start, Floating Life has also decided to launch a competition for young students to design a yacht that will pack significant innovative clout in terms of both solutions and its lines. A scale model will be made of the winning project and exhibited on the company’s stand at the 2020 Monaco Yacht Show. 

The “Pensainnovativo” Competition

The aim of the competition is to find original ideas that can improve one or more of the stages of yacht development from either a design technique or design and development perspective. The Floating Life team will analyse all the proposals received to select the most interesting. The most innovative will be chosen by the team to be developed and engineered. 

The project must comply with the following criteria: 

Exteriors: development of hull in terms of both hydrodynamics and forms. Innovatively designed superstructure and topsides.  

Interiors: diversified use of the interior spaces and furnishings/décor developed using unconventional materials and forms.  

Please send material to:

Entry terms and conditions:

Material must be submitted by 01/04/2020

Winner will be announced on 30/04/2020


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