ISA Classic 65 metres Close-up of some mechanisms and interiors

The construction of the new 65 metre ISA Classic, underway at the Palumbo Superyachts shipyard in Ancona, has resumed following the lifting of the lockdown, and its launch is expected to take place in 2021.

Interior and exterior are the superb work of Enrico Gobbi of ‘Team For Design’ who, together with his team, has designed several of the new ISA Yachts’ lines, such as the latest Continental.
The new ISA Classic is a 65 metre of over 1400 GT, characterized by a classic profile and built using the most modern construction technologies.

Behind the transom, hides a series of considerably significant technical solutions. First of all, the 3.9 x 4 metre stern door folds down to sea level, becoming a beach area. Simultaneously, the corresponding portion of the aft swim platform tilts and aligns itself with the opened stern door, essentially creating a same-floor tailgate at water level. When all the three doors are opened, the whole area turns into an amazing 180 square metre beach club.

The gangway opening mechanism too is literally one of a kind. Designed to be installed sideways on the port side of the transom – rather than lengthwise – it is divided into two sections and provided with a pantograph retracting system (that, once the gangway is extended, shuts its lower part for aesthetic reasons). This system has been specifically engineered to allow for a 2.10 metre ceiling height throughout the whole beach club. 

Versatility and lighting effects are the key elements of this portion of the Lower Deck, consisting of: lounge area, bar, showers, fully equipped gym, sauna, massage room and even a welcome area for guest boarding/ disembarking.
Access to the Beach Club is provided in three separate ways: an external staircase, an internal staircase to the right of the massage room, and lastly a transparent glass corridor which, crossing the engine room, directly connects the beach club to the Lower Deck lobby and the guest cabins.

The beach club colour scheme is made up of different shades of cobalt blue, used on metallic and lacquered surfaces, and on the external decks this colour scheme is combined with natural materials such as teak.
Another element which turns out to be lively and of great effect, thanks to the perfect indirect integration of light and the skilful use of blue, is the frosted and knurled Murano glass panel decorating the front of the bar counter.

The lighting system also has been studied in detail, and includes a lane of LED ceiling lights that runs symmetrical with respect to the central hatch, accompanying the view up to the back wall. The latter is made up of sinuous waves of teak and LED lights which are then reflected on the two stainless steel and glass sheets on the ceiling. And in fact this glass is the floor of the swimming pool on the Main Deck. This solution allows shimmering light from the pool to filter through the water and create a dappled light effect and an enchanting atmosphere both day and night.

As a final touch, modern clean line furniture has been selected to interact with the outdoor in perfect harmony.

The ISA Classic 65 has six cabins (plus a seventh convertible) including a full-beam owner’s suite located forward on the main deck. 
Two swimming pools (one with a countercurrent swimming system), gym, massage room with sea view, Turkish bath, outdoor cinema room, 2 jetskis and 2 tenders, are just a few of the chosen amenities on board this jewel of the sea.


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