Safety and protection at sea – european project Argos

The shipyard Permare/ Amer Yachts is pleased to announce that they will be part of the European project Argos (Anti-theft Robust Galileo-based Operational System):

The Argos project, co-funded by the European GNSS Agency in the frame of the Fundamental Elements programme, started its activities in October 2020. 

The objective of the project is to develop a GNSS-based solution to support the Maritime users to protect their ships both from theft attempts and from the risks to lose the mooring at anchor.

The solution is strongly based on the use of the European Global Navigation Satellite System Galileo. 

Thanks to its services and differentiators (e.g. Open Service Navigation Message Authentication), Argos can provide the users with a reliable, robust, accurate and timely solution and guarantee protection and safety.

The project will have a duration of 24 months and it’s coordinated by Modis Consulting s.r.l. leading a consortium composed by Gea Space s.r.o., ChipCraft Sp. z o.o., Permare s.r.l. and Aria United s.r.l.

The project outcomes will be pivotal to the Maritime user community,  yet have a positive spillover effect in other applications and domains too.


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