TEAM Italia: I-Bridge solution on board Sanlorenzo 64Steel Attila

TEAM Italia, World leader in the marine electronics market for mega and maxi yachts, has always been committed to a tireless research for technological innovations to be integrated into its integrated dashboard solutions.

The constant investments in research and development over time have brought satisfying results once again, allowing TEAM Italia to develop an unprecedented I-Bridge solution on board the Sanlorenzo 64Steel Attila. This modern and sophisticated I-Bridge solution includes both a 55′ transparent head up display, a solution that harmoniously balances functionality with safety at sea, and the I-Chart, the exclusive TEAM Italia electronic chart table.    

As every I-Bridge solution, it was developed and tested entirely in-house, in order to guarantee the handling of the control interfaces and a simplified management of the on-board systems. This was also achieved through integrated monitoring systems developed by Onyx Marine Automation, a TEAM Italia group company. 

To create this project, the Italian company worked according to the architecture of distributed electronics. This allowed to free up space by using a “sleek” design whilst still guaranteeing the very highest levels of onboard safety.

In the Head-Up Display solution, navigation data are available on the transparent display: the captain can easily check all the needed info and still keep fully focused on steering the yacht. 

The transparent display allows indeed to overlay the main data – such as route, waypoint, AIS and ARPA targets – with the actual navigation scenario, in addition to providing all the other useful information. This solution highly differs from augmented reality systems, where the data are overlaid onto an image from a camera.


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