The Italian Sea Group announces the sale of a superyacht Admiral 53mt

The Italian Sea Group, global operator in luxury yachting, announces the sale of another Panorama superyacht, Admiral’s new semi-custom lineThe sale of this hybrid superyacht to a Mexican shipowner confirms TISG’s and Admiral’s expansion into AMAS territory, for “semi-custom production” with a constant care for sustainability.


The 53 mt Panorama super-yacht is designed with an innovative hybrid e-MOTION propulsion system composed of two DIESEL MAN engines, 4 variable speed generators, 2 permanent magnets electric engines and a generous pack of lithium polymer batteries.

The system provides different ways of use:

● The main Diesel engines and electrical alternators allow for energy distribution to all the onboarding facilities when generators are shut down, and let batteries recharge while navigating.

● Variable speed generators adapt their speed in response to the requests of the ship’s load, keeping consumption low.

● Thanks to the lithium polymer batteries, it is possible to power all the yacht’s services and comfort features for around 8 hours producing zero gas emissions, no acoustic pollution and in total absence of vibrations. Additionally, the batteries allow the ship to access ports in “electric mode” and perform the mooring manoeuvres with main engines and generators shut off.

● The “peak shaving” function of the batteries enables the yacht to avoid the insertion and disconnection of the second generator for short periods during the highest loading peaks. Furthermore, the function can temporarily hide the absence of the “taken by land”, which happens frequently and therefore avoid unpleasant black-outs.

“The Panorama project, with its three sales confirms the path through the “custom made” segment – comments Giovanni Costantino, Founder & CEO of the Italian Sea Group – This super yacht, first Admiral Panorama in hybrid version, credits our constant search for sustainability to the lowest possible navigation in the sea and in the atmosphere. I am very proud to think that, today, with a total of 22 yachts in production, more than half are oriented to hybrid innovation, and that this process, which started in 2016 with the launch of the 55 Mt super yacht Admiral Quinta Essentia, the first one in the world to use hybrid propulsion in her dimensional range, is developing at full speed”.


The design, without any visual barriers and characterised by the elegant fluidity between indoors and outdoors, creates a continuous and natural harmony between all the spaces, which are defined by great volumes and structural details.

The interiors reveal a refined and immersive atmosphere which is the result of an accurate selection of prestigious, natural materials such as wood, stones, and rough metals.

Admiral Panorama can accommodate up to 12 guests in her five spacious suites on the bow lower deck and in the Owner cabin in the main deck, which is provided with a small private external terrace. The yacht is equipped with a 7.5 Mt tenders, two jet
skis, a rescue boat and several toys in the bow open area in front of the wheelhouse.

The delivery of the Admiral Panorama yacht, curated by brokerage firm FGI Yacht Group, is expected for December 2025. 

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