The Italian Sea Group launches the new Picchiotti Yachts web site

The Italian Sea Group, leading player in the global luxury yachting industry, is glad to announce that the new web site
is now online. The webpage publication comes few months after the completion of the acquisition of Perini Navi and Picchiotti brands.

The website reviews the history of the Picchiotti brand retracing four centuries of a maritime tradition that ranges from military vessels to commercial ships, from sport & racing boats to modern era yachts, a legacy that today is part of The Italian Sea Group

The webpage includes some researches on the origins of the company and on the historical links with Marina di Carrara. The sections Heritage, Fleet and Archive feature further information on the Picchiotti saga starting from the very beginning at Limite sull’Arno, near Florence, up to the post-war golden age of yachting, to finally arrive at the launching of the Vitruvius yacht series between 2010 and 2015.

A special mention goes to the section Fleet where the boat lovers can find some information and curiosities on the boats that have created the Picchiotti myth, from the XVI century river boats named Becolini, up to the VAS fleet, the first Anti-torpedo
vessels ever built in Italy.

The section features also the flagship of the Picchiotti fleet, the 103m mega yacht Al Said, that was built in 1982 at Marina di Carrara, in the sheds of the Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, NCA, today at the very core of The Italian Sea Group premises.

In the words of Giuseppe Taranto, Vice Chairman and Chief Commercial Officer at

The Italian Sea Group: “the four hundred years of the Picchiotti’s tradition are heritage of the Italian industry at large; but for us at The Italian Sea Group, always projected into the future, Picchiotti means a great opportunity that we have the clear intention to valorise, in the respect of its stylistic and historical values. On the occasion of our studies, we have found documents confirming deep links between Picchiotti and Nuovi

Cantieri Apuania in the post war years; today the fate is once again joining our paths. Soon we will present a new Picchiotti product series able to combine our vision with the heritage and tradition of this brand”.

The Italian Sea Group launches the new web site
The Italian Sea Group launches the new Picchiotti Yachts web site


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