The new Scuderia 65 by Harry Miesbauer is ready to launch

The yacht was developed for a very experienced owner and regatta sailor who had various offshore yachts before and who is taking, and has been taken part in numerous offshore and grand prix regattas before. furthermore he was since his youth, and is still competing in dinghies – finn, 49er and small keel boats Melges 24 etc. All started on a night watch during a Middle Sea Race on his previous 62 footer when the owner and the boat captain were philosophising about the needs and requirements of a new boat. It took not long and they pinned out the key points they wanted for a new boat: first of all it has to be good looking … a sexy boat! Second, fast with good allround performance. Then needs to be seaworthy and easy to handle also with a small crew in offshore races, lightweight. Light and functional interior while on the other hand the comfort for normal cruising with the family should not suffer that much, heavy items used in cruising mode, like washing machine, icemaker etc., can be taken out easily when racing.
In the morning (I was in the other watch) they told me their conclusions and the project had it’s “go ahead”.


For deciding the interior layout all four of us, the owner, his wife, the boat captain and me as a designer, were closed up in the owner’s old boat, on anchor, in a bay close to Porto Cervo (Sardinia). It took us four days of measuring, trying this and that, checking heights and passages, drawing heaps of hand sketches, modifying the layout on tracing paper backwards and forwards until we had the final solution. otherwise the owner would not let us from board.

Another philosophy of the boat we followed: “In case of various solutions for a detail/issue, always the less complicated had been chosen”.

The boat will be competing the first two seasons at the long distance classics Rolex Giraglia, Rolex Middle Sea Race, Fastnet Race, Roma x Tutti etc. therefore great emphasis has been taken to handle the boat also with a smaller crew. The idea of the owner was to create a gentleman’s racer, which means that, when racing, beside having some full-professionals on the key positions, the rest of the crew are friends who love to sail fast. Close collaboration with the owner and his boat captain Aldo Scuderi and specially their involvement in all aspects of the design and construction, were key to get a really tailor-made yacht.

“I didn’t want to design just an eye-catcher with the year stamped onto it. iI should be also an “eye-pleaser” with elegant lines, which still has a fresh look in ten years…“ /h/arry miesbauer

Hull lines: very powerful hull lines with high form stability, optimised for IRC. an extensive CFD analysis has been carried out by the specialist Alberto Porto, who has a vast experience in America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean race boats and with whom I work together now nearly 20 years. IRC optimisation has been done together with Matteo Polli.

Appendages, keel, rudder: lifting keel 2.95m to 4.50m: high strength stainless steel (17 4-PH) forged & CNC milled keel fin. fin and hydraulic lifting system by Cariboni Italy,  a masterpiece in steel. Full carbon prepreg keel case. IRC optimised twin rudder with a full carbon prepreg rudderstock cured in an autoclave.

Structural design: the boat is in full carbon / epoxy sandwich done in infusion process. the structures were optimised together with Giovanni Belgrano of Pure design in Aukland/NZ, who are well known for the their America’s Cup involvement with Team New Zealand.

Deck plan: optimised for offshore races with big input form Dede De luca. CEO of OneSails. we opted for the halyard winches at the mast rather than the current trend to bring all the halyards back to the cockpit. The reason behind that are a few: as halyard loads are already quite high for a 65 footer you can reduce the deck structure and safe weight. You get less friction by reducing turning blocks and organizes. In offshore races a small, but experienced, crew can work better at the mast, than from the cockpit, especially during the night. Full racing deck gear package is by Harken, with mainly Harken 990 winches. All winches are hydraulic. A custom made hydraulic utility winch at the mast has been developed together with Harken to reduce internal height and to increase standing headroom in the corridor to the owner’s cabin.

Sophisticated hydraulic system with rams for forestay, code zero tack, stay sail, jib car fwd / aft, jib in hauler, vang, mainsail outhaul, mainsail traveller. Full hydraulic package by Cariboni

Interior: the entire interior was designed by /h/arry miesbauer yacht design (hmyd). It is a very light, airy interior, where practical issues, like big storage areas, or clear passageways for easy moving and use also, in heavy sea state, were first on the priority list. Big emphasis has been taken to safe weight in the interior. therefore the interior was fully realised with cored panels, in certain areas, like the heads or e.g. the bunks are made from carbon sandwich panels, and the ceilings and side panels are all in honeycomb sandwich. All bunks are adjustable for different heel angles. The water tanks are made in composite, integrated into the hull structure and interior, again for weight saving. [[30]]

Rig: a hybrid modulus Southern Sparsrig with Future Fibre ECsixrigging package, obviously for weight saving reasons, had been chosen by the owner.

Sails: two sets of sails, racing and cruising, are designed by Dede De Luca and done by Onesails loft/ headquarters in Verona/Italy.

Tender garage: a 3.4m tender is stowed in a watertight tender garage accessible from a 3.6m wide transom door.

Boat yard:  Adria Sail paid a huge attention to all details. The vast experience of the yard owner, Maurizio Testuzza, and his team has put an enormous effort to stay within the target weights and to achieve best quality composite. With their very high boat building skills, which they gained when building various wallysin the 2000 years, and various other custom yachts recently. They contributed a lot to find the best solutions in every area of the yacht.

Main dimensions
LOA 20.050 m
Bmax 5.510 m
DISP ca.18.000 kg – target / measurement trim-
draft 4.500 – 2.950 m lifting keel
total sail area ca. 259.6 m2 – racing -
main sail ca. 152.0 m2 – racing -
jib area ca. 110.1 m2 – racing -
gennaker ca. 420.0 m2 – racing -

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