The new SL96Asymmetric launched at Boot Düsseldorf 2020

On the occasion of Boot Düsseldorf 2020, the leading European “indoor” trade fair for the world of yachting, Sanlorenzo presents the world premiere of a daring new project that rethinks onboard balances to achieve greater livability and flexibility of use: the SL96Asymmetric.

Consolidating the progress that began with the SL102Asymmetric, the world’s first asymmetric yacht launched in 2018, Sanlorenzo, with this new creation, confirms its particular approach to the concept of space, shaping it each time to give rise to projects tailored to meet the desires of yachts owners.

SL96Asymmetric is proof of the vision of the decision of Mr. Massimo Perotti, Executive Chairman of Sanlorenzo, to break with the patterns of the past, moving against the current to formulate proposals never imagined before. The asymmetry makes it possible to revise conventional onboard balances, offering not just volumes previously set aside for other functions, but also and above all new living scenarios, new vantage points capable of intensifying and encouraging that innate visual, physical and emotional bond that exists between human beings and the sea.

With the aim of achieving greater livability of internal spaces and improved communication with the outside world, the SL96Asymmetric rethinks the conventional layout of a yacht, conserving only the gangway on the starboard side and eliminating the one on the port side, which shifts to the roof of the superstructure, in an unprecedented asymmetrical configuration that frees up about 10 square meters of space for internal use. With respect to a traditional layout, this arrangement offers more space, improving luminosity and flexibility.

The asymmetric concept is the result of a meeting of different creative minds. From an original idea of Chris Bangle, the brilliant car designer, to the in-house technicians and designers of the shipyard, and then to Bernardo Zuccon, the young architect from a family of yacht designers, who together with the studio Zuccon International Project is creating many projects for Sanlorenzo.

““Every project always begins by sharing an idea that represents a synthesis between the designer’s sensibility and the customer’s desires. In this case the input was clear: to continue along the design path that began with the SL102 experience, setting ourselves the goal of preserving the stylistic features and language that characterized the first product, while reworking them to give the new direction the identity necessary to add strength and credibility to range choices.”

Bernardo Zuccon
SL96Asymmetric is a synthesis of languages, places and functions, a life container that is able to transform and adapt to different dimensions and ergonomics, changing onboard circulation to offer new opportunities for utilization of spaces in everyday life, without implying compromises for the yachtsman and conserving stylistic features to make the yacht a living, integral part of the Sanlorenzo brand identity.

The interior design by Laura Sessa

The interior design has been done by the architect Laura Sessa, chosen for her ability to translate the “made-to-measure” philosophy of Sanlorenzo into an effective project with a personal touch.
“My job is to transform the dreams of clients into reality. As an interior designer, for me it is important to translate the requirements of clients into an elegant, harmonious design, in the spirit of eurythmy between exterior and interior. For this reason, I develop every project in close contact with the yachtsman, monitoring every phase from start to finish.”

Laura Sessa

A forceful sense of unity and coherence emerges in the interior design thanks to the choices of materials and finishes that are uniformly developed in all the spaces. The selected colors are those of the Mediterranean, a distinctive characteristic of the projects of Laura Sessa. The simplicity of the internal panels permits great flexibility, offering clients the possibility of choosing from a wide range of different materials.
The strong point of the yacht is the living area on the main deck, featuring a new layout that generates greater internal space: the asymmetry makes it possible to position an ample dining room on one side with a full-height glazing directly facing the sea, and a lounge that opens onto a balcony on the opposite port side. This enables the spaces to take full advantage of the light from the lateral windows and the aft zone.

Another distinctive feature is the use of mirrors in the lobby to augment the perception of the interior space.

To narrate the innovation and the unique approach of the brand, at Boot Düsseldorf Sanlorenzo also shows the SX76 yacht, a proposal that stands out for its original and intelligent, rational and practical solutions, as always reflecting the unmistakable Sanlorenzo style based on understated poise, balanced volumes and forms, which in this new creation continue to embody the characteristic elegance that has become a true recognition factor of the company.

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