The sailing superyachts rely on Doyle Italia's lofts

It will be a hot winter for Top Sailing (licensee of Doyle brand in Italy), busy in the production of the sails for two extremely ambitious projects due by the end of 2020. 

The two prestigious shipyards, Solaris Yacht and Southern Wind, in the next year will launch respectively the Solaris 111′, built in carbon by the Performance Boats Division, and the Custom RP-Nauta 100, born from the partnership of Nauta Design and Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design’s designers.

The full set of sails of both the boats will be built by Doyle Italy, with the Doyle-Stratis’ technology, using Technora and Carbon fibers, and they will count in their wardrobe a Code0 Cable-less, a furling sail without cable, that allows a lighter weight, a wider range of use and an easier stowage.

The project manager for the two challenges is Mario Giattino, head of the Superyachts division in the Italian company, and one of the more veteran members of the Doyle Group, in which he’s been involved for more than 20 years.

In his long career, Giattino has worked on some of the most notorious Superyachts in the world of sailing, such as the M5 (75m sloop), the service of which has just been completed in the Top Sailing super loft, or the Maltese Falcon (Perini 88m), to which Doyle Italy provided servicing since its launch.

“I joined Doyle in september 1997 and I started working in Italy, where my experience originated from regattas. I’ve had the luck to start flanking the owner of the loft, that was already in the Doyle group, helping him with customer relationships, sail services, measurements, boat shows… I did a little bit of everything. After a while I started dealing with superyachts’ captains all by myself, learning to understand their needs and transfer them to the designers and sailmakers. That allowed me to gain an all-around experience.”

Mario has taken care of more than half of the boats launched in the Perini shipyards, and, in the months to come, he will manage the replacement of the main and mizzen sails for Rosehearty, a Perini 56mt to which Doyle Italy provided all the sails in 2013.

The new order shows the excellent quality of the Italian company production, confirmed by sailors such as Paul Cayard, that in the last years has won 3 times the Bucket (the world most important regatta for superyachts, which takes place in St. Barth) aboard Rosehearty.

The yacht has sailed for an incredible amount of nautical miles with the same sails, has completed many times the double season (Caribbean-Mediterranean Sea) and crossed the Pacific Ocean all the way to the poles, from the North-West Passage (Arctic Sea) to the Antarctic.

“The next months will be very intense, because we will deal with the production of new sails together with the sails maintenance of many superyachts that sail in the Mediterranean sea, but thanks to the new loft and to a very experienced team, we have developed a very efficient service. We can manage any kind and dimension of sail, any time”.

Doyle Sails Italy has its lofts in Palermo, La Spezia and Porto Cervo. For further informations:

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