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Perini Navi Argonaut


By Mary Hegarty and Désirée Sormani

Argonaut Perini Navi The One Yacht and Design-01

Perini Navi Argonaut range is its bold and hugely successful take on the motoryacht. Eschewing the usual trends, the Argonaut range favours a low-rise superstructure melded with a streamlined and very slippery hull form and wide beam, producing an elegant antidote to the usual top-heavy superyacht look. The flagship is the impressive 93-metre, a mix of steel and aluminium that is a brilliant fusion of the best of the sailing and power worlds. At 2,200GT with a 15-metre beam, she has seven staterooms, two pools, a forward tender garage, vast al fresco social areas and a beachclub with fold-out hull balconies. Many of the latter features trickle right through the range. Even the 63-metre has four staterooms and two fold-down side platforms as well as the signature Perini fly deck and exterior lounge on the foredeck from its sailing siblings. Moreover, powered by twin 1230kW CAT engines, it can deliver a maximum speed of 16.5 knots and a cruising speed of 15. The entry level model is the 53-metre which is all-aluminium and has its tender stowed on the foredeck but still features the same design in scaled-down form.