Amer Yachts will use volcanic materials for their next gen of boats

Amer Yachts is heading for a new challenge, betting on the innovative mineral fiber FILAVA® for the next generation of Superyachts to make them sustainable and recyclable, Cradle to Cradle.
To address the fiberglass End of Life recycling issue, Amer Yachts choose to abandon Glass fiber and adopt instead the volcanic fiber FILAVA®, obtained from enriched basalt through a proprietary process. FILAVA® is completely recyclable into new virgin fiber at End of Life.
A roadmap has been already drafted, #ENEA and #RINA are already working on the certification process for the new composite material and the shipyard signed a collaboration agreement with #GS4C and the composite manufacturer to design and build the first non-structural element that will be featured on the next Superyacht under construction.
The FILAVA® reinforced composite element will be laminated on a recyclable FILAVA® reinforced mould. The model will be instead made in Glebanite®, a recycled fiberglass compound developed in collaboration with Rivierasca and Politecnico of Milan.
The innovative process will allow to recover and recycle all manufacturing scraps (including the mould at End of Life) back into new virgin FILAVA® fiber without any downgrade of properties. The model will be recycled into new Glebanite® boards.
The engines are entirely recyclable too and a specific care on design for disassembling will position Amer Yachts at the leading edge of sustainable Eco-design.
FILAVA® is softer and easier to handle than Fiberglass yet offering aerospace and ballistic grade mechanical properties. FILAVA® has also higher fire resistance characteristics.
The fabric of fiber optimised for the infusion will be supplied in standard rolls to fit the usual production process.
The decision to initiate a progressive shift of the entire production (both Superyacts and moulds) to Cradle-to-Cradle recyclable composite is for Amer Yachts a historical event, in line with the traditional focus on innovation of the Shipyard. Potentially this fiber can be recycled indefinitely into the same fiber and this will set a new standard for sustainable composite manufacturing.
The choice of this fiber perfectly fits with the Global growing demand for Circular Economy. The fiber is produced in Europe from Eu sourced Raw material with an innovative technology that allows for constant output in terms of physical and mechanical properties yet with a very low embodied energy. New scenarios and business models are already being evaluated following Blue Economy and Industry 4.0 guidelines.
Amer Yachts wish to thank #Ucina and #Assolombarda for organising last winter the initial contact with GS4C, who is the exclusive agent of FILAVA® for the Marine sector in Europe and will follow closely the entire program.
The project will be presented in details at the 2019 Genoa International Boat Show during a Press Conference on the 21st of September at 5pm. A cocktail will follow.

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