Arcadia expands with the new selected Brand Representative

– Ten years after the presentation of the first A85 and just after the world début of the new SHERPA XL, ARCADIA YACHTS continues to expand in the global market

-Blu Yachts, based in Portorose, Slovenia, will represent the Italian shipyard for owners in Croatia and Slovenia and for German, Austrian and Swiss owners with main harbour in those countries

After the success of the world launch of the SHERPA XL at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival, ARCADIA YACHTS continues to grow and expand its brand worldwide.

The most recent addition to the sales network is Blu Yachts, based in Portorose (Slovenia), which will be the representative of ARCADIA YACHTS for Croatian and Slovenian owners and for German, Austrian and Swiss owners with main harbour in Croatia and Slovenia. The determination to start a long-term shared path has led to selecting “ARCADIA YACHTS ADRIATIC” as the “trading banner” of the new brand representative.

“The partnership with ARCADIA YACHTS ADRIATIC proves how successfully we have worked so far on developing and building products, caring for customers and communicating,” declared Ugo Pellegrino, Sole Director of the Italian shipyard. “It also shows the company’s finances are really solid, as the company has grown year after year. The shipyard’s reputation is consolidating among well-established professionals in the sector.”

“The market in the Eastern Adriatic has a unique meaning for an expanding brand such as ours,” continues Ugo Pellegrino. “It is one of the most important areas internationally, because its amazing marinas welcome owners from many different countries, from central Europe to Scandinavia, as well as from Poland, Russia and Ukraine. The value of the experience and the nautical skills here are fast approaching the levels of those in historic markets. Blu Yachts, with its experience and several years of presence in the market, will help ARCADIA to spread its brand and yachting renaissance philosophy still further, targeting increasingly knowledgeable customers looking for an evolved, refined and technologically advanced offer, who want to establish a new relationship with the sea, the sky and the natural environment when on a yacht.”

“We are delighted to be working on the new ARCADIA YACHTS project, because it is an extremely innovative product that can move away from the traditional market and reach an as yet unexplored and rapidly expanding customer target,” declared Luigi Gambelli, president of Blu Yachts. “For this reason, we have given Giorgio Marchese, the sale director of Blu Yachts, the task of dealing with this new challenge.”

The new element in ARCADIA’s international sales network confirms yet again how the company has expanded in the decade that followed the presentation of the first A85 to the public. During these ten years, ARCADIA YACHTS has succeeded in becoming a leader in international yachting, delivering approximately 30 vessels and always placing Owners and the way they want to use their vessel at the heart of every project.

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