At the helm with the world’s first dual Sirena 68 owner

US-based Sirena Yachts owner Willie Urbieta will soon have the accolade of being the first ever owner of two 21.4-metre Sirena 68 vessels. After previously purchasing a Sirena 58 for use in the US, the semi-retired oil executive ordered a Sirena 68 for cruising around the Mediterranean, before deciding to upgrade his Sirena 58 to a second Sirena 68 which is due for delivery in the upcoming months.

This makes Urbieta unique amongst Sirena Yachts owners, as he will soon be able to reap the benefits of his two voluminous explorers in two highly different environments. Here, Urbieta explains his rationale for choosing the Sirena 68 model, why he always docks his vessels himself, and the benefits he enjoys from his highly unusual ownership position.

A Perfect Family Boat

Urbieta’s first Sirena yacht, the Sirena 58, offered the Fort Lauderdale-based owner and his family the perfect opportunity to take delivery in Istanbul and explore the fantastic scenery of the Turkish coast and the Greek islands before taking the yacht home to dock in the US. However, in order to immerse himself fully into the boating lifestyle in south Florida and make space for his growing family, 65-year-old Urbieta felt it was time for an upgrade, as he explains:

“I spent my summers on a boat in the mid 1960s in south Florida, which was just fantastic. I wanted to go back to being part of this very particular boating culture and lifestyle as I absolutely love it, and the Sirena 68 is the perfect boat for this, due to its generous volume, ample indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces and fantastic flybridge. Another factor was size of course: I have my daughter, my son-in-law and three grandkids to consider, so I knew I was going to have to go a little bigger to accommodate everyone.”

Sirena 68
Sirena 68

Designed by Experts

First introduced to the market in 2021, the Sirena 68 features naval architecture and exterior design by world-renowned Argentinian designer, Germán Frers, with interiors by the experienced Dutch superyacht designer, Cor D. Rover, who together provide the ideal combination of design flair and build expertise.

With ample space to house Urbieta’s growing family, the Sirena 68 offers accommodation for up to eight guests, including a master suite amidships, as well as boasting the largest flybridge deck in her class. A crew of two is also housed on board the Sirena 68, which comprises a captain and a stewardess on Urbieta’s current yacht. Despite having a captain, this owner, who has been passionate about boating since his 20s, also emphasises his preference for operating the boat himself at key moments.

“I have to say, I really do enjoy docking my own boat,” says Urbieta. “Of course, there is always a risk of making a mistake, so I make use of a yacht controller, but once I’m outside the dock and out of the marina, I let the captain take charge so that I can fully relax with my family and friends.”

Top Performance, Top Comfort

The Sirena 68 sports a resin-infused hull combined with a lightweight high-tech carbon fibre superstructure and hard top produced by Sirena Yachts’ in-house engineering department, which offer numerous benefits for its performance. These include improving onboard stability, reducing fuel consumption and providing the yacht with a longer range and higher speed.

Urbieta explains that onboard comfort is a priority for any boat in his fleet: “When I buy a yacht from Sirena Yachts, I get as many extras as possible to make the boat as comfortable as it can be. I choose to have gyros, fins, DPS (dynamic position satellites), a yacht controller and an extra station on the outside to help me dock the boat. Spending time on the boat is what makes me happy and my real passion, so I am keen to make it the best possible experience.”

Sirena 68
Sirena 68

Performance is Key

Urbieta also has some substantial travel plans in the pipeline for his new Sirena 68, including exploring Saint Martin, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands and more. Thankfully, the Sirena 68 is well suited for such adventures. Built to CE Category A certification (the highest certification for recreation craft under 24 metres), the semi displacement yacht is capable of reaching top speeds of 26 knots with the 1,000 horsepower Volvo D13s option, and cruises comfortably at 20-21 knots.

An Owner’s Favourite Spots

When asked to name his favourite areas of his current Sirena 68, Urbieta first highlights his onboard office area. “It is wonderful being able to work on board – my office is right where the windshield of the boat is, next to the helm. I have my computer and my printer there and it is perfect. Every time I go into a different port, I can enjoy a different view from where I am working.”

Secondly, Urbieta also highlights the benefits of the Sirena 68’s famously spacious flybridge for hosting groups of family and friends. “When I was visiting Spain, I had a lot of relatives who I didn’t know very well, so I got them together and hosted all 30 of them together on the flybridge and we just had the most amazing time together. I love the social element of the boating lifestyle which has been enabled by owning these Sirena Yachts. People are drawn to lovely boats, and this brings so many likeminded people together who derive pleasure from being out on the water.”

Sirena 68
Sirena 68

A Future Upsize?

As for the future, although Urbieta is very content with his current fleet, he wouldn’t say ‘never’ to another Sirena upgrade. “I am very happy with my two Sirena 68s, but you never know, in a few years I might sell them and go for a bigger yacht because I am so passionate about boating. Sirena Yachts work extremely hard to make the customer happy.”

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