Baglietto’s signature luxury talent garden opens its doors during the Cannes

Offcina Baglietto, the talent garden for young creative designers launched by the iconic brand last April in Portofino to celebrate the shipyard’s 170th anniversary, opened the registrations in June for the four training courses, dedicated to fashion, jewelry, furniture, and, of course, boating.

Four programs in contiguous and complementary worlds to boating will include the collaboration with illustrious protagonists of the field: the fashion area was born from the collaboration with Tiziana Fausti and 10 Corso Como; the product design sector is under Nicolas Bewick, Architecture Art Director at the renowned studio AMDL Circle, the jewelry with Rosa Maria Villani –  coordinator and in charge of the School of the Art and of the Medal for the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint  – , while the boating area involves Francesco Paszkowski, for over thirty years the reference designer of Baglietto shipyards.

The applications deadline for those who wish to attend the open days at the Cannes Yachting Festival on 15 and 16 September is the 4 August, yet the applications will end within October (at: Courses will start November 20, 2023 and will end February 18. Spring 2024 will welcome the 170 years of Baglietto with new and original ideas for collections inspired by it, to write down a new chapter of the historical nautical boatyard.

First, there will be a training period for the selected talents in La Spezia, to later move to the partner firms (Milan, Rome, Florence), for an intensive design phase aimed to spread the brand Baglietto to  the world of fashion, design, furnishing, boating. The best creatives will have the opportunity to be evaluated to follow up on their ideas through a collaboration with the shipyard or other luxury brands. There will be 7 scholarships to fully covering the fees for each program.

The project is curated by YACademy, a design academy based in Bologna, qualified among the most prestigious post-graduate institutes at an international level.

Officina Baglietto is supported by Marine Interiors, Marine di Loano, CGT.

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Baglietto's signature luxury talent garden opens its doors during the Cannes
Baglietto’s signature luxury talent garden opens its doors during the Cannes

Comments from the protagpnists of the project:

“ As Baglietto, we feel the duty to pass on the passion and the essence of one of the most important boating traditions in the world to the young generations. Officina Baglietto was born with this purpose: to collect ideas that thanks to the combination of different skills and creativity can generate something new, bringing a history of excellence, passion and dedication into the future”.

(Diego Michele Deprati –Baglietto CEO)

“In AMDL CIRCLE we strongly believe in the importance of teaching and in a multidisciplinary approach to projects: for this reason, we are glad to take part in this kind of initiative able to activate new synergies and to contribute to the training of future designers, as figures anticipating the necessity and needs in an ever-changing context for architecture and design”.

(Nicholas Bewick – AMDL CIRCLE, head of the product design area at Officina Baglietto)

“ I believe that it is necessary to transmit passion and experience to young people. Help them to understand that professionalism is not only made by skills and creativity but is also made by self-entrepreneurship and management skills. I am very enthusiastic to take part in Officina Baglietto and also to bring my experience as a designer and businessman at the service of young generations of nautical designers.”

(Francesco Paszkowski– Francesco Paszkowski Design, head of the nautic design area at Officina Baglietto)

“I want to thank Baglietto Yachting and YACademy for inviting 10 Corso Como to collaborate on a project combining fashion with yachting, focused on skilled professionals able to show the birth of a fashion collection, from style to design, from image to production, from business to retail, for a common sharing of knowledge.”

(Tiziana Fausti, 10 Corso Como Chair, head of the fashion design area at Officina Baglietto)

Jewels are archetypal objects linked to the person in which culture, transversal symbols and contemporary elements are expressed. The design will be aimed at jewels/trinkets in which bring together visions, sensations, style and the excellence of Baglietto. Products in which many aspects coexist, creativity, manufacturing and contemporary “know-how”.

(Rosa Maria Villani, Coordinator and in charge of the School of the Art and of the Medal for the Polygraphic Institute and State, head of  the  jewellery design area at Officina Baglietto)

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