Benetti breaks the mould yet again, this time returning to its roots

In the 1990s, Benetti was the first shipyard to use fiberglass to build Navettes over 30 meters long; today it is the first major shipyard to return to its steel roots, with the creation of a new line of compact Benetti expedition yachts. 
B.YOND 37M, the first of three models, is a serious expedition yacht built to travel the world and ready to amaze with a revolutionary concept of space based on a clear distinction between night, day, leisure and service areas. This involves adding an extra fourth deck and developing a design that integrates it perfectly into the boat’s exterior styling, featuring over 200 square meters of glazed surfaces.

As this is an expedition yacht, it will be powered by the diesel-electric system SISHIP EcoProp of Siemens, a solution from the Global Competence Centre of Siemens Marine that guarantees eco-sustainable navigation with low fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact. The new B.YOND 37M, thanks to the e-Mode propulsion architecture developed for the shipyard, will have a range even great navigators will be happy with (from 5,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the navigation mode).

The yacht’s 500 gross tonnage, usually the prerogative of 50-meter boats, is contained in 37 meters without affecting the yacht’s aesthetics in the slightest and delivering excellent stability parameters. According to a detailed in-house assessment by the shipyard, the yacht’s compact size will give it the freedom to call at historic ports in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and North East America.

B.YOND 37M will be presented to the sales network on October 15 and unveiled in full detail to the international press the following day. The second model in the range planned for launch is B.YOND 44M.

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