Bolide 80 win the prestigious Robb Report -Best of the Best Award

Victory Design is thrilled to announce that the Bolide 80 has unexpectedly received another prestigious award: the esteemed Robb Report – “Best of the Best Award for 2024”.

This renowned recognition underscores the yacht’s exceptional design, innovation, and performance, cementing its place as a standout in the luxury yacht industry.

The Robb Report – Best of the Best Award, celebrating its 36th year, is a global hallmark of luxury, honouring excellence across various categories including yachts, fashion, cars, and more.

This year, the Bolide 80 was named the “Best Weekender Yacht”, captivating the editors with its stunning exterior, innovative cockpit, and eclectic cabin that seamlessly blends futuristic and retro elements.

Brunello Acampora, Owner and Founder of Victory Design, expressed his delight about this unexpected accolade:
“Well, we didn’t see that coming! Winning the Robb Report Best of the Best award is like discovering a hidden treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. In this case, we found our treasure aboard an 81-foot, seven-inch carbon-fiber hull with triple high-speed diesel engines! We’re grateful and overboard with excitement!”

The Bolide 80 stands out again with its impressive lines and performance, powered by 6000 hp from three high-speed diesel engines, driving the Flexitab patent surface drive technology, also a brainchild of Brunello Acampora.
Reaching speeds of up to 76 knots and cruising comfortably at 55 knots – arguably the world’s fastest Superyacht- the Bolide 80 is a testament to Victory’s unparalleled design and engineering prowess.

Its feather-light full carbon fiber hull, built to aeronautical standards, not only ensures remarkable speed but also exceptional fuel efficiency, allowing the yacht to travel from point A to point B in half the time while burning half the fuel compared to a conventional flybridge yacht of the same size.

The stylish cockpit, advanced helm, and luxurious interior featuring burnt-sienna leather walls and carbon-fiber arches designed in cooperation with Stefano Faggioni, offer an unparalleled yachting experience, in the best authentic Italian Style. Victory Design extends its genuine gratitude to the Robb Report jury for acknowledging the value and creativity of the Bolide 80. This award gives the Victory Design international team an extra boost to keep sailing ahead, breaking new waves in yacht design!

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