CDM announces the opening of Cantiere delle Marche Australia

“Our explorer yachts are appreciated all over the world and our Clients are spread in all continents, Oceania included,” says Vasco Buonpensiere, Sales and Marketing Director of CdM.

“We already have many Aussie Owners who are making the most out of our explorer yachts’ qualities and we have witnessed a growing interest from a clientele who lives and travels in the Southern hemisphere. This is why we have decided to strengthen our presence in that area by creating Cantiere delle Marche Australia. We will avail of the valuable collaboration of the team composed by Domenico Giuffrè and Paul Miletta, marine professionals with expertise in international yacht sales (boasting over 100 motor yachts imported into Australia for specific client requirements). Having also served different roles in the superyacht industry in Italy and Australia, they offer the highest standard of customer service which aligns with the values and tradition of CdM. Their vast knowledge of the market and the Country, makes Domenico and Paul CdM’s perfect ‘fellow travelers’.” Buonpensiere adds.

CdM Australia’s office will temporarily be based at Sydney Superyacht Marina 2 and move to a new venue shortly. “As soon as the pandemic will let us breath, we will attend boat shows in Australia and the Far East and organize special events to strengthen our presence in the area,” Buonpensiere concludes.

CdM explorer yachts are the ideal vessels to reach the South Seas, to sail to Indonesia, the Fiji, Thailand, Bali just to name some of the most beautiful destinations in that part of the world, or to head through the expanses of the ocean to reach the most distant archipelagos of both Pacific and Indian ocean. Australia itself offers some of the most beautiful and unspoiled coast in the whole world. Yet, it lacks equipped marinas or ports so a long-range yacht with lot of storage spaces is what you actually need to sail along the Australian coastline or venture into the expanses of the oceans.

This is why CdM’s explorer yachts perfectly fit for purpose!

The Darwin 102 Babbo (launched in 2016) which has been purchased by a new enthusiast Aussie owner who renamed her ‘TrueBlue’ is heading to Australia as we write. (for the records, True blue is an Australian expression meaning ‘quintessentially Australian’. It means a person or a happening or an attitude that perfectly embodies the qualities of Australian-ness.) CdM and CdM Australia together with Domenico Giuffrè and Paul Milella look forward to offering many yacht owners the possibility to enjoy long and safe journeys on board our exquisite explorer yachts.


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