Cranchi Yachts announces the imminent début of its Sessantadue 62 ft

Cranchi Yachts announces the imminent début of its Sessantadue 62 ft: a new model joining the Shipyard’s Flybridge Collection, expanding the offering and providing owners with more opportunities for choice, with the ability to access the collection through a 62-footer as well.

The length of the Sessantadue 62 ft – equivalent to 20 metres – has everything required to fit into a flagship collection. You already feel it when you look at the yacht’s profile: both the family feeling with the larger models and the distinctive characteristic elements of this model’s identity strongly convey the value and importance of the vessel. Among the elements providing continuity with the new and foregoing models are undoubtedly the symmetry and continuity of its lines, the reduced gunwale to provide more light to the main deck portholes, and the sleek, by now iconic design of the belowdecks portholes.

When looking at the profile of the Sessantadue 62 ft, a clear new element stands out: an original vertical bow which strengthens the naval allure of the yacht. The vertical nature of the bow helps lengthen the vessel’s waterline, with the yacht benefiting in terms of thrust, audacity and muscularity, without suffering in terms of harmony and elegance. Quite the contrary, the greater bow volume favours a balance in proportions between the hull and superstructure. The choice of a vertical bow goes beyond aesthetic ends, allowing for a significant increase in volume which is clear belowdecks.

This project renews the partnership between the Cranchi Yachts Research and Development Department and Christian Grande, entrusted with the art direction aspect. Clean lines, the ability to interpret materials in a contemporary manner with influences from seafaring tradition, and the adoption of stylistic choices derived from the residential environment: all this makes the Sessantadue 62 ft a yacht which aims to be lean and essential without foregoing either current trends or minimalism. Its elegance is relaxed, warm, welcoming, conceived to inspire and convey an immediate sense of freedom. The strong continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, which the Shipyard wished to create on the main deck, play a fundamental role in this sense.

There do not appear to be any boundaries between the cockpit and the rearmost door of the main deck interior: both sides of the double sliding glass door, both the floor and ceiling are covered in teak. Although it is treated differently to guarantee the best performance both inside and out, to the sight and touch the material appears the same in terms of texture, colour and slat sizes and joints, thus providing the impression of a large veranda where spaces merge and expand outwards.

The first part of the saloon is therefore designed to be experienced as an extension of the cockpit, as a space which is both indoors and outdoors at the same time, a sensation to which the space’s perfect ventilation also contributes. Here you will find the dining room, with marble table and a perfectly equipped kitchen. To accentuate the welcoming feel of the environment and the sense of continuity with the outdoor areas, the interplay of references between the wood in the cockpit and the interior is also used in the kitchen cabinets, which are clad in wooden panels with an undulating 3D effect which recalls the elegant and relaxing atmosphere of the paillotes pieds dans l’eau of Mediterranean beaches.

Although designed as part of an open space, the different areas of the main deck feature a clear division of spaces. Moving towards the centre of the boat, teak gives way to carpeted floors and white lacquered ceilings: we thus enter the relaxation area, an elegant and brightly lit living room dominated by two light-coloured curved sofas, one of which faces a low furniture unit with motorised TV lift.

Further towards the bow, partially isolated by a light membrane featuring transparencies, the wheelhouse opens up, with a return to teak flooring. The pilot station features two large and comfortable sofas. The navigation panel befits a superyacht: it is equipped with the very best that electronics can offer today, allowing you to manoeuvre the boat and manage all home automation and entertainment systems with ease.

Reinforcing its character of small flagship, the Sessantadue 62 ft features a door on the wheelhouse side which opens onto the starboard gangway, making access to the bow quicker. The door also ensures improved natural ventilation of the indoor areas, which is also aided by an upwind companionway hatch in the ceiling, which opens with an electric mechanism.

Outdoors at the bow end of the main deck is another area dedicated to relaxation and socialising, featuring a forward-facing sofa, served by an original pivoting table, and a sunbed with adjustable backrest which allows this area to be used as a further living area as well. The area can be shaded by a sail shade which attaches to removable rods.

Moving between the bow and stern is made easy and safe by two wide walkways protected by a tall gunwale, and partially covered by the lateral overhang of the flybridge, a further detail which enhances the yacht’s allure.

The cockpit, as previously mentioned, is perceived as an extension of the living room, and hosts a comfortable sofa located above the hangar door. On both sides of the structure, a few steps lead to a large beach platform made highly functional by the lift which ensures it is easily moved. The beach area can be extended by opening the garage door: the compartment indeed features teak flooring and offers itself as an extension of the platform. Stereo speakers and a shower are integrated in the door. When occupied, the area used for storing a tender or jet ski can be separated with canvas.

The garage is spacious, housing both a 2.85-metre tender and seabob in vertical position, or a jet ski and two seabobs. If required, the platform can also house a further tender or a water scooter.

 An elegant staircase with teak treads and a structure as visually light as it is spectacular leads from the cockpit to the flybridge. The large flybridge is magnificently equipped with wet bar or kitchenette with TV lift, sunbed and comfortable seats arranged to allow the creation of different socialising areas: around the extending table, or facing towards the bow or the stern beside the second pilot station. The latter is located on the starboard side, and is served by a large double-seat armchair. It allows the yacht to be piloted while enjoying the best possible view, and fully enjoying the thrill of sea cruising. The dashboard is futuristic, minimal and extremely elegant, with aesthetics and features borrowed from the automotive sector. It ensures easy access to all the commands – with the latest technology necessary for yacht navigation, control and management. The whole flybridge area is sheltered by a high-tech, lightweight and durable t-top. Part of the roof opens with a slat system.

The belowdecks layout features three cabins and three bathrooms. All the beds are positioned longitudinally to the stern/bow axis to offer guests the best comfort as they rest.

The full-beam owner’s cabin is located amidships. Like a genuine suite, it also features an “antechamber”, with a partition shielding the immediate view of the bed. It offers a walk-in wardrobe and a relaxation area with sofa. The private bathroom is equipped with two basins, WC, bidet and separate shower. While the bathroom features marble, the rest of the suite features the same materials, woods and bare chrome as the main deck. The large bed is surrounded by teak, while the rest of the floor is covered with soft carpet. The wood, featuring the same 3D effect as the kitchen, also returns on the vertical surfaces behind the bed and on the opposite wall, which houses a large TV. The presence of the light gloss lacquer for the ceiling, wardrobe and drawer unit contributes to the light and relaxing sensation provided by the room.

The same stylistic key is found in the large VIP cabin as well; located at the bow, it enjoys the greater space granted by the vertical bow. This cabin also enjoys a private bathroom with separate shower compartment. The guest cabin is equipped with twin beds.

The crew cabin, with private bathroom, is at the stern, well separated from the guest suites and with external access.

Acoustic comfort is provided by the excellent sound damping systems already tested and adopted by the Shipyard on the Settantotto 78 ft and Sessantasette 67 ft. The Sessantadue 62 ft also derives the best technology from its larger siblings, including the advanced home automation and entertainment system.

The engine room houses two Volvo Penta D13 in-line six-cylinder engines, each capable of providing 1000 HP when required.

Sessantadue 62 ft and Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa: dual début in early 2024

To discover every details of the Sessantadue 62 ft, you only need to wait for the start of 2024, when the Shipyard will be confirming its historic production capacity by committing to the launch of two new models, one after the other.

In addition to the Sessantadue 62 ft, indeed, Cranchi Yachts has announced the imminent début of the Sessantasette 67 ft Corsa, which will extend the Flagship Collection with a new, more sporty offering. The Corsa range will feature cockpit equipped with a large, deep outdoor seating area which can be enjoyed at all times of day, and an open-air third deck with sportbridge layout.

Sessantadue 62 ft / Provisional technical data

Non-binding design data / Subject to change

Overall length, 20.15 m / 66 ft 1 in
Hull length, 17.68 m / 58 ft
Hull width, 5.15 m / 16 ft 11 in
Weight with engines, 32,000 kg / 70,548 lb
Fuel tank capacity, 3,300 l / 872 US gal / 726 Imp gal
Water tank capacity, 700 l / 185 US gal / 154 Imp gal
Waste water tank capacity,230 l / 61 US gal / 51 Imp gal
Grey water tank capacity, 230 l / 61 US gal / 51 Imp gal
Maximum occupation, up to 16 people
Carena, Aldo Cranchi
Design, Cranchi Yachts Research and Development Department
Art direction, Christian Grande
Design category, B

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