First details of Wally’s innovative new wallywind130 and 150 unveiled

Progress on Wally’s new super sailing range has reached a milestone with the release of the first detailed renderings of the bigger yachts. While building continues on the wallywind110, the in-house design team headed by Luca Bassani has been working hand-in-glove with renowned naval architect firm judel+vrolijk & co and design studio Santa Maria Magnolfi to develop the breathtaking new wallywind130 and wallywind150.

Pure Wally DNA
Even a cursory glance confirms that these boats pay true homage to the values held dear by Wally. They have huge speed potential, being entirely built in carbon fibre composite, possess achingly handsome lines and an interior that skilfully blends extreme comfort with contemporary aesthetics.

From the exterior, there is no mistaking the exceptional pedigree of these huge sailing yachts. Running aft from the plumb bow towards the open “Terrace-on-the-sea” transom, the sheerline only dips at the last moment. The foredeck is totally free of obstacles or features that could challenge the eye (or the toes) and the glass-set coachroof is so low profile that it barely troubles the lines of the yachts.

“Wally is re-affirming its sailing roots with the launch of these designs,” says Wally Managing Director Stefano de Vivo. “Alongside the wallywind110, the wallywind130 and wallywind150 represent the pinnacle of carbon composite construction for blissful cruising and exhilarating racing. We liken the boats to the Grand Turismo cars, which is to say powerful and supremely comfortable. I believe these are the best round-the world sailing machines ever created.”

Wally Founder and Chief Designer Luca Bassani explains: “The wallywind150 is the natural evolution of the Wally144 Kauris IV launched in 2020. It includes some Wally iconic features, such as the cockpit protected by the high bulwarks, the Terrace-on-the-sea and the raised saloon. On the other hand, it also introduces a few more revolutionary features such as the forward guest area which doubles as a tender garage when not in use, a truly private owner’s terrace aft as well as a new interior layout to enhance flexibility for the owner.”

By contrast, the design of the bulwarks is such that the coachroof hides a huge and convivial raised salon that flows smoothly into the cockpit without a single change in levels. No fewer than three social zones occupy more than a third of the boat’s length to create an entertaining space that is unparalleled on yachts of this size. Among them is the famous ‘Terrace-on the sea” that Wally pioneered in 1998 with Tiketitan.

Twin helm stations are discretely positioned just inside the raised bulwarks, allowing guests to be as involved in the sailing as they wish. Sail controls and navigation displays are set amidships, but there is barely a rope to be seen. Wally’s original Magic Trim system, now much imitated, means that the main and self-tacking jib are set and adjusted at the push of a button using hidden hydraulic rams. Just the gigantic, custom-made spinnaker sheet winches on the quarter give the game away.

Beneath the foredeck is hidden a tender well for storing a generously sized tender (4.50m – 14′ 9” – on the wallywind130; 5.00+m – 16′ 4” – in the wallywind150) completely out of sight. On the larger superyacht, this well doubles as a forward guest cockpit that can be converted into a cushion-lined dining area or lounge. In the transom, the hydraulic passerelle stows flush and can be angled up to the quayside or down for elegant access to the water.


Technology at the service of performance
Performance is naturally the founding principle of this design, as it is on all Wallys. The full carbon lay-up which Wally pioneered and develops to this day, guarantees exceptional hull stiffness, rapid acceleration and great response on the helm. Full pre-preg vacuum lamination with careful post curing at 85°C ensures that lamination is flawless and weight is kept to an absolute minimum.

A retractable keel system allows both yachts to switch from performance to shallow-waters cruising mode. The twin rudder setup similarly balances fingertip control under way with easy access. A variable pitch propeller provides optimum thrust under power while folding under sail to offer almost no drag. Bow and stern thrusters round out the manoeuvrability of the new wallywind line, which naturally uses Wally’s underwater anchor launching system to keep the purity of the lines around the bow and move the weight aft to reduce pitching.

Central to both boats’ design is Wally’s smart “double deck” layout, which puts the key social areas up under the spectacular coachroof. It features an almost dreamlike structure combining carbon ribs with vast curved panes of glass and delicately lit panels. The result is a panorama that takes in the whole horizon, plus the sails overhead. It is hard to imagine a dining and seating areas that offers more.

Exceptional cruising platform
Below decks, both the wallywind130 and the wallywind150 offer extraordinarily comfortable accommodation for guests – up to eight in the smaller yacht and 10 in the bigger one. The 130-footer gives the owner the choice of a cabin forward or right aft, where the broader beam allows facilities including a private TV lounge and a vast his ‘n hers bathroom.

On the wallywind150, the cabin is always aft to provide access to the owner’s private cockpit. It is hard to overstate the majesty of this feature, which can be left open to maximise al fresco living, or closed off to create an indoor/outdoor space between the owner’s quarters and the exterior. With room for walk in wardrobes, a private office and multiple seating areas, the breath-taking owner’s cabin is more akin to those found on larger 60m (200′) yachts. The TV or playroom forward can also be easily converted for kids or a nanny to create a fifth cabin.

Finish is a matter of taste for the eventual owner, but Wally’s renderings show vividly what can be achieved with the sort of clean, natural styling for which the brand is famous. Teak, fine woods and neutral upholstery combine to create a sense of space, wellbeing and casual sophistication.


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