Francesco Paszkowski Design: virtual reality for design

Francesco Paszkowski Design incorporates virtual reality into the design process. The important step and investment quickly respond to a technological revolution in design and make owners experience their yachts right away. The initiative confirms the continuous attention for up-to-date solutions and technological processes, while keeping on offering high-quality service to the studio customers. 

While no boat shows was held last autumn, Francesco Paszkowski Design studio made the most of  this time to give an important thrust to virtual reality and finally incorporate it into the design process. 

The department for exterior is now adopting VR for the various stages in the design process. The latest designs created with VR were already successfully shown to the studio customers. VR will be soon implemented with a dedicated lounge for interior design.

Design on a blank sheet of paper used to show the final result step by step belongs by now to the past.

“It is not always easy for a studio like ours to find the time to explore new technologies – comments Francesco Paszkowski. It is actually a question to respond to technological changes and how to accept them. The task of designers is not just interpret or determine new trends. Keep up with the times also means develop up-to-date technological solutions and reshape our work. 

Though sketches on a blank paper still fascinate me and-  for me – they are still  the very start of a new design  to turn ideas in my head into in a form of communication that can be understood in any language, VR represents both  a disruption and a great opportunity for design and the quality of service we can provide. Static or animated renderings, although precise are not as exhaustive. VR is an important technological change which transforms 2D design into interactive and  immersive reality. The advantages of VR are unquestionable and our whole staff has already trained and appreciated since the very beginning”.

Virtual Reality reshapes the design work. VR changes how we design, create and experience everything. It let designers navigate data-rich design environments: spaces, colours, lights, materials and furniture are represented more realistically. But there is more. VR let owners experience a simulation of the final aspect of the yacht and feel the emotions they can have on board, quicker explore and review different options without having any surprises once building is completed.
 “Owners can experience their yacht before she’s built and walk inside” continues Paszkowski – “and see their dreams become reality”.

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