George Lucian presents Fata Morgana, a super yacht for the climate change

MY Fata Morgana – The Strange Mirage of the Sea
Explorer Super Yacht Concept
The Explorer Super Yacht Concept – Fata Morgana – is a concept that was designed to raise awareness about the irreversible changes that take place in the arctic areas.
MY Fata Morgana is a 70 m explorer super yacht specially designed to sail and be chartered in the arctic areas, including the Northwest passage, which due to the climate changes and the melting of the ice caps is much easier to navigate through.
It is designed to perfectly fit with the arctic landscape, the bow resembling a rock formation partially covered in snow, and the stern of the yacht having a glass structure which looks like an iceberg. Moreover, from distance it may look like an island, just as its name suggests, Fata Morgana, which is a complex form of superior mirage, described in the sailor’s old legends.
The hull of the yacht is ice classed, to be able to navigate in the arctic waters.
The glass structure of the yacht accommodates the main saloon and the VIP suites offering incredible unobstructed views of the sky and of the surroundings, being indoors while having the feeling of being outside. The rest of the yacht has all the features of a super yacht of this size, accommodating up to 12 guests and 18 crew members, an outdoor swimming pool, a telescope/sky observatory just above the bridge deck, and a helipad.
The super yacht has a + 7,000 nm range and can also navigate being kite assisted for smooth long-distance travels.
Everything about the yacht is thought of is such a way to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with as low as possible emissions and waste.
The yacht shall be equipped with devices which would constantly monitor the ocean’s temperature and composition and transmit it constantly to the concerned international organizations.
My name is George Lucian and I am a Monaco based designer and artist.
This is my latest yacht concept after last years’ MY “Dare To Dream”, the airship carrier superyacht, SY “Project Origami”, the mega sailing yacht inspired from the art of origami and traditional Asian vessels, and MY “Roswell”, the super yacht inspired from the future.
Concept and Design: George Lucian – Instagram georgelucian_

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