Hot Lab designers creating sizzling interior for new Pilot range

Hot Lab creating sizzling interior for the new Van der Valk Pilot range

Pilot 26M

‘This marriage between premium Dutch yachtbuilding and Italian design flair is going to lead to something very special indeed,’ says Van der Valk’s head of sales and marketing Yoeri Bijker. ‘When adding a new range to our portfolio like the Pilot it was crucial that the interior design had the quality to match.

Hot Lab have devised a timeless look that is unfettered by the constraints of the moment, perfectly capturing the spirit we have in mind with the Pilot.’

Design Goes On!

Our design teams is fully operative, in order to guarantee our services we have implemented a smart working policy for our employees, for this reason we kindly ask you to contact us exclusively by email so that we can always be reachable.

Contact the Hot Lab co-founder and Marketing Director, Antonio Romano, for receiving more news about our work in progress. 

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