Hyper Yacht HSY38: the Rodriquez superyacht flies with foils

The Italian naval industry is brimming with companies that lead the way in innovation. Amongst them, a particularly fierce innovator is the yard founded in 1887 by Leopoldo Rodriquez. Following in his family’s footsteps, one of his descendants is poised to disrupt the yachting world.

After WWII, Rodriquez Cantieri Navali (RCN), inspired by a revolutionary German hydrodynamic principle, developed the hydrofoil. Research and experiments resulted in the first ever commercial hydrofoil: the 1956 Freccia del Sole. Such was the impact of the fast-navigating concept, that six further hydrofoils were commissioned in a single year: the US bound Flying Fish, Freccia delle Eolie, three commercial vessels built for Italy, Switzerland and Japan, and a prototype for Rodriquez to further develop the radical project.


The Rodriquez yard’s successful history continued by supplying hydrofoils to countries such as Venezuela, Norway, Japan, France, Argentina, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Egypt, Brazil, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. The world had discovered and embraced Rodriquez’s “Flying Hull”. So futuristic was this naval revolution that in 1965 a Rodriquez PT20 hydrofoil – the Disco Volante – amazed audiences of the cult 007 film Thunderball.


Naturally, international armed forces – no strangers to the Rodriquez yard – were keen on these stable, manoeuvrable vessels capable of high speeds and extended range. Such an intense history of innovation and success is revived today in a new “Flying Hull” concept coupled with new, highly reliable and intuitive technology.

Leopoldo Rodriquez, great grandson of the yard’s founder, has collaborated with RCN (now owned by the IMMSI Group) to once again revolutionise the yachting industry. He is joined in the effort by Lorenzo Lucchini-Gilera, great grandson of the founder of Gilera motorcycles, and Daniele Natoli, born – as luck would have it – on a Rodriquez Hydrofoil between Lipari and Milazzo.



38 meters (125ft) of unique technology, elegance and performance characterise The Hyper Yacht, capable of nimbly and effortlessly cruising at 40 knots for 700 nautical miles with a fuel efficiency unrivalled by other yachts in its class. As a pure planing yacht, it cruises at 25 knots using the foils as stabilisers before achieving lift-off at 27 knots, drastically reducing the hydrodynamic resistance to offer unique comfort even in rough waters. The fully submerged foils deliver many advantages over the traditional semi-submerged solution, such as increased stability in adverse conditions and an estimated 50% less fuel to cruise at 40 knots compared to traditional vessels of the same displacement.


Through the use of electronics, all the technical advantages of the hydrofoil are managed by means of simple, intuitive controls. As well as cutting-edge technology, The Hyper Yacht offers practical functionality twinned with beautiful aesthetics, contributing to its well-crafted, luxurious liveability. This new class of yacht is not merely Super (i.e. larger) but Hyper: faster, steadier, smarter.


Large, open spaces in the stern give way to a beach area, offering an intimate connection with the sea during breaks, as well as access to a garage wide enough to host a 5.50m (18ft) RIB tender. The unbroken line of the spacious main bridge is perfect for sunbathing or entertaining and is easily shaded by removable awnings. It is also designed to allow for a Touch & Go light-craft helipad.In its three-cabin configuration, the interiors feature a stateroom and twin VIP cabins. Alternatively, two VIP cabins and a garage capable of holding a tender and a jet ski may be specified.


The saloon’s skylights and large openings all round offer generous natural lighting and views of the sea.

The core project team comprises: Leopoldo Rodriquez, upholding a long and glorious family tradition; Lorenzo Lucchini-Gilera, industrial designer with an engineering background; Daniele Natoli, architect; Eride Tanga, interiors architect



LOA: 38M (125 ft) – Beam: 8M (26.2ft) – Displacement (full load): 120t – Engines: 2 x MTU 12V4000M93L (3,460hp each) – Speed at lift-off: 27 Knots – Planing cruise speed: 25 knots – Foiling cruise speed: 40 knots – Range: 700nm

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