Introducing the World’s First Transformable Entertainment Venue

MEYER Floating Solutions, a leader in innovative floating construction technology, proudly announces its pivotal role as the design-builder for the groundbreaking Oceaya project, in collaboration with Oceaya LLC. Set to launch in 2025, this ambitious initiative marks a significant milestone in sustainable luxury entertainment, introducing the world’s first adaptive, floating entertainment venue.

Oceaya is poised to be a dynamic platform catering to a diverse array of events, from upscale nightclubs and gourmet restaurants to cinemas and high-profile fashion shows, thanks to its innovative modular design. As the design-builder, MEYER Floating Solutions brings unparalleled engineering and floating construction expertise to this project, setting the stage for a transformative entertainment experience.

Kaj Casén, CEO of MEYER Floating Solutions, emphasizes the project’s innovative essence, stating, “With ‘Oceaya’, we are once again pushing the boundaries within the floating solutions market, going beyond what has previously been achieved. This collaboration is crafting an unprecedented experience in the luxury waterfront sector by adopting best practices from various industries.”

The project’s scalable design allows Oceaya to adjust its size and shape from 4,000 sq.ft./370 sq.m. to over 12,000 sq.ft./1,115 sq.m., showcasing its unique capability to provide customizable spaces for various experiences and events.

Daniels Ikajevs, CEO of Oceaya LLC and the visionary behind Oceaya, remarks, “Oceaya embodies the limitless possibilities of design and entertainment. Our passion for innovation drives us to push the boundaries, creating unique, immersive experiences. We’re excited to bring Oceaya to global destinations including Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia, redefining leisure and entertainment.”

This partnership leverages the expertise of world-renowned architects and designers, including contributions from Waterstudio.NL and Prospect Design International, underscoring a commitment to sustainability and minimal environmental impact, positioning ‘Oceaya’ as a beacon of eco-friendly luxury.
“I wanted to align with a team that could grasp my complex concept and execute it with unparalleled proficiency. MEYER has consistently stood out as the vanguard in engineering and building innovative projects. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in bringing Oceaya to life,” adds Daniels Ikajevs.

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