Lomac at the Cannes Yachting Festival with the new Granturismo 12.0

Lomac presents Granturismo 12.0 in its world premiere at the Cannes boat show. The latest new model in the namesake range of maxi-rib boats created by Federico Fiorentino is designed for families and represents the perfect combination of comfort, safety and performance.

On show at the French boat show there will be Granturismo 10.5, Granturismo 14.0 and Adrenalina 10.5, the flagship of the Adrenalina maxi-rib collection for owners in search of excitement and the thrill of high speed cruising.

Given its world premier by Lomac at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019, Granturismo 12.0 is a sophisticated 12-meter model ideal for owners who love mid-range cruising in absolute comfort. The design and water lines are by Federico Fiorentino, the talented designer who has been working with the Lombardy-based shipyard for the past ten or so years and has vast experience in both the luxury and racing boat segments. The shipyard handled the engineering work in its entirety.

“We asked Federico Fiorentino to create a new hull designed for high speed cruising, but without compromising on comfort and safety in all conditions, both characteristics that have been distinctive features of the Granturismo family from the outset,” explains Paolo Lo Manto, the shipyard’s sales director.

The main attractions of the new model are great freedom of movement on board and total safety while navigating. The bow section is completely open and has a sun pad that can be converted into a dining table, while the stern area is a large, highly versatile space fitted with a big hideaway table so that it can be used throughout the day, following in the footsteps of the other models in the range. Granturismo 12.0 also has a cabin containing a double bed and separate bathroom with rear access, offering a safe and easily accessible indoor space in the event of bad weather and representing a feature that is greatly appreciated by families in particular.

Customers looking for sporty performance can choose to mount three engines if they wish and enjoy the acceleration and speed of a true thoroughbred. The new Granturismo 12.0 also stands out for its exclusive new T-Top. Made from fiberglass and composite materials, it is perfectly in tune with the range’s lines and design, while the canvas windows that are a distinctive feature provide ventilation at any speed and shelter from the sun. Other design details reprise the range’s hallmark features, like the two side grilles or the big steel handrail, both aligned with the family feeling that runs through all the shipyard’s products.

The other models on show in the Granturismo range will be Granturismo 14.0 and Granturismo 10.5, while the Adrenalina line, also designed by Federico Fiorentino and created for lovers of serious performance, will be represented by the series’ flagship, the high performance, high speed Adrenalina 10.5 (9.63 meters in length and a 3.50-meter beam), which has a top speed of over 50 knots.

Adrenalina and Granturismo, the shipyard’s top two lines, also stand out from the other collections for the wide range of personalisation options available, not least in terms of the choice of not only the colour of the tubes, cushions, stitching and logo, but also of the fabrics.

“The Granturismo 12.0 is the latest product in a collection that represents a big milestone for the shipyard, like the Adrenaline line.” commented Paolo Lo Manto. “Working side-by-side with Federico Fiorentino, we have created a safe and high quality craft that also delivers incredible performance and is perfectly in line with the hallmark style of the Lomac brand.”

After the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Milan-based shipyard will turn its attention to the Genoa Boat Show held from September 19th to 24th , where the models seen at the French event will be on display again, along with an important novelty and yet another world premiere, the exclusive Lomac 850 IN.

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