Lynx Yachts announces the cooperation with U-Boat Worx

Lynx Yachts is proud to announce the cooperation with the world’s largest builder of private submarines, U-Boat Worx. Nowadays it is even more important to combine forces and create synergies by using each other’s strengths, resulting in an even more successful product which maximises the end user’s unique experience. This also involves the deep knowledge and the total respect of every owner’s needs, especially for a shipyard building of custom yachts.

We have combined these two unique concepts to conceive and develop special and dedicated proposals in cooperation with U-Boat Worx submersibles and our YXT 24 and YXT 34 Sport support vessels.

“We are really glad to seize this opportunity and cooperate together with the team of U-Boat Worx to develop these new projects. We have joined our technical skills and know-how together with our knowledge of the market and most of all of our customers and owners.” – says Filippo Rossi, Sales & Marketing Manager at LYNX YACHTS.

With their big deck and plentiful storage, LYNX’S YXT yachts are the right choice for owners who, for instance, want to take all their tenders, toy’s and extra staff along for the adventure without impacting the mother ship. In this specific case, our support vessels are fit to carry all the toys, being able to take everything an owner might need – from his car, tender and submarine. We have therefore developed a special configuration for our vessels, so that they can carry respectively and at owner’s choice 1 or 2 submarines on the YXT 24 and up to 3 submarines on the YXT 34.

“The added value of these two proposals is not only limited to the possibility to choose the combination of a specific model of submarine to place on the selected vessel.” – says Filippo Rossi

 “But we have also developed a special interior layout to accommodate the submarine crew onboard the YXT 24 and 34 Sport without the need to house extra crew on board the mother ship.”

Both YXT 24 and YXT 34 models are optimised to carry a range of U-Boat Worx submersibles. With a maximum depth range of 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) and a maximum occupancy of 7 persons, the final configuration can be set to suit every owner’s needs.

“The cooperation between LYNX YACHTS and U-Boat Worx results in a platform for the true explorer at heart. With 95% of the oceans still unexplored, the combined technology and innovation now provide life-changing experiences to discover the countless mysteries of the deep.” – concludes Roy Heijdra, Marketing Manager at U-Boat Worx.

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