Officina Italiana: behind the lines of the Riva 88’ Folgore

Officina Italiana Design, the Bergamo-based design studio behind all the Riva yachts of the last 26 years and more, has dazzled yet again with the 88’ Folgore, the new vessel splashed in May just a few days after the Covid-19 lockdown was lifted. Now the designers reveal the mainstays of a design that had both styling and graphic flourishes as its focal point.

“The yard wanted a yacht of the same dimensions as the hugely successful Riva 88’ Domino. As is the case with all the Riva models, we were given carte blanche and so, using that model as a starting point, we created a yacht with completely redesigned lines,” declared Mauro Micheli Chief Designer of the Bergamo studio. “The new yacht was a quite a challenge as the 88 Domino was a highly successful yacht and thus difficult to replace”.

The Riva 88’ Folgore is very much part of Riva tradition and does not sully the brand’s signature lines. Folgore’s design actually centres around certain Dolceriva styling cues, continuing Riva’s new style whilst also bringing some extras of its own to the mix.

The Riva 88’ Folgore is characterised by two simple lines running along its profile, very much reflecting Officina Italiana Design’s clean, rigorous styling philosophy. Certain aesthetic features help make this boat unique: first and foremost of these is the slight reverse-angle of the windshield. Like the Dolceriva, one of the most striking features of the Riva 88’

Folgore is the design of its hull windows which run like a deft upward black pencil stroke along its silvery flank. A new addition aboard the Riva 88’ Folgore is the hatch that folds out from the hull and has two positions: parallel to the waterline to create a 6 sqm beach club or submerged to launch and retrieve the tender. Another innovative styling element is the glazing set into the superstructure which opens both aftward and forward to allow air to circulate either underway or at anchor.

“We are delighted that Alberto Galassi has declared the launch of the first new model of 2020 a Renaissance for the Ferretti Group. We are really counting on the Folgore to fulfil that role. Many owners are actually looking for a comfort zone right now – their own private island where they will feel protected with their family. Folgore has both the right dimensions and the right spaces to do that job. And has also ticked all right the boxes to become a new Riva icon,” said Sergio Beretta

“The Riva 88’ Folgore is a seafaring coupé, a sophisticated boat that is ideal for fast, comfortable and totally stylish cruising. Its class and elegance will definitely make it stand out from the crowd. For people who like to be seen, it won’t go unnoticed in port either but it also reflects our style: understated, subtle luxury. It is a boat for mature people who like surrounding themselves with beautiful things,” says Mauro Micheli.

5 of the Riva 88’ Folgore’s Greatest Strengths

1. Design: a boat that is created by just two pencil strokes
2. Comfort: thanks to onboard systems, roll is eliminated and the spaces are just the right dimensions to guarantee maximum liveability
3. Space: generous, comfortable spaces. The cabins are comfortable and the communal areas convivial
4. Light: a bright boat as natural light filters into the interior through large windows
5. Style: elegant and refined thanks to simple lines: the model’s prerogatives.

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