Overmarine Group: two very different yachts, same DNA

In these days, Overmarine Group has been putting across an unusual image, lining in water two very different yachts representing two equally different lines, totaling 90 meters of pure elegance and style. 

The two newborns are the “Project Milano” – the fourth 43-meter metal yacht in the Mangusta Oceano displacement line – and the “Project Capri” – a 45-meter model in the Mangusta GranSport fast displacement line. Both yachts were recently launched and final fitting-out activities are currently ongoing at the Pisa shipyard.

The two models embody two dissimilar worlds and ways of enjoying the sea, and were built for Owners having different needs and lifestyles.

The Mangusta Oceano 43 is a dream villa on the sea, a pearl bound to decorate the Amalfi Coast or the Caribbean, designed to perfectly blend into the environment around her, almost becoming an integral part of it. 
The use of wide glazed surfaces has removed any existing barriers between guests and the surrounding sea landscape, letting natural light flood in and brighten all interiors. Large skylights connect the various decks and create pleasant, relaxing light effects, indoor too. The glass doors and the opening balconies allow to truly experience the joyful thrill of the delightful Mediterranean marine breeze. The infinity pool with a waterfall, located forward, and the aft beach club – a real lounge on the sea – offer guests water effects, entertainment and relaxation. Moreover, the presence of several al fresco areas enhances conviviality onboard, while also ensuring the utmost privacy when needed. 
The Mangusta Oceano 43 delivers a cruising speed of 11 knots and a transatlantic range of almost 5,000 miles, which allows her to comfortably reach any destination her Owner dreams of.

In her turn, the Mangusta GranSport 45 reflects the lifestyle of an Owner who plans less, enjoys holidays conceived on the spur of the moment, looks for new, fascinating travelling destinations (no matter how far away they may be), and shares all this with his friends and dear ones. Indeed, this line is the pure embodiment of flexibility, offering the opportunity to move quickly between different locations, but also to cover long distances, including – why not – crossing the Ocean to reach exotic destinations. A dynamic combination of performance and freedom and the perfect harmony between luxury, comfort and sportiveness, which only Mangusta is able to achieve.
The simple, comfortable and laid-back-style layout smoothly connects the various onboard areas. The main deck is large, bright and extremely comfortable. The truly distinctive feature on this yacht, however, is the upper deck, where the central living room is connected to both the stern, via large sliding glazed doors, and the forward sun bridge, the latter featuring a wonderful infinity pool with a waterfall and a Jacuzzi for up to 7 people. The aft beach area consists of three interconnected platforms, ensuring direct contact with the sea. 
With her maximum speed of 26 knots, a range of 3,500 miles at 11 knots, and a draft of only 2.2 m (7’2”), the Mangusta GranSport 45 offers her Owner unlimited freedom of choice.

These two concepts suit Owners who interpret sea life in very different ways, but they also share some key elements.

An explosive mix of Italian style, dynamic beauty and personality. The designer, Alberto Mancini, who pencils the new metal lines, was really successful at interpreting the initial brief he was given, breathing life into two models that stand out for their stylish profile and strong personality, skillfully combining incredibly elegant lines, minimalism, and a perfect balance between exterior and interior areas – a feature that is deeply rooted in Mangusta’s DNA.

A flawless combination of design and innovative technical solutions. In both projects, an uninterrupted fil rouge connects and harmonizes the exteriors and the interiors, epitomizing the purest Mediterranean lifestyle that unmistakably characterizes all Mangusta yachts. Design and technology are skillfully combined and integrated to ensure maximum onboard comfort for the Owners and their guests in the most diverse conditions and in the most exotic and remote locations.   

Uncompromised volumes, luxury and elegance. Mangusta is renowned for the extraordinary levels of customization it can offer. This means that Mangusta’s clients can tailor their yachts to their own taste and needs and enjoy long voyages in sheer luxury.

Above all, these two models share the pleasure they are able to offer their passengers, turning every cruise in an unforgettable adventure. Mangusta’s current production is driven by the concept of offering Owners not a yacht, but unique, exciting experiences, and to do so through something equally precious – boundless freedom of management and flexibility. The Owner thus becomes the true protagonist and the decision maker; he is the one who makes choices depending on the time he has available, his dreams, the task he has in mind for his boat, the emotions he wants to chase. The most glaring example of this philosophy is “El Leon”, the 54-meter model in the Mangusta GranSport line, which, after crossing the Atlantic and reaching the American coast last Christmas, crossed the Panama Canal in February and is now cruising around Vancouver, in Canada. Her next destination could be the Artic sea, or anywhere her Owner’s dreams will lead her.

There are no boundaries, except the ones set by our imagination.

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