Royal Huisman: Lotus, the next-generation project from ThirtyC

The superyacht experience re-defined

Discerning superyacht owners are increasingly looking for a more refined experience. For some, the joys and thrills of cruising under sail may be diminished when a yacht grows above a certain size. For these owners, a megayacht under sail does not deliver quite the same personal experience; it can feel less in touch with the elements. 

So why build a boat of that size? Because today’s standards of luxury, comfort and services for guests require a very comprehensive crew and support team. With up to 18 guests, that can mean a full complement of anything from 40 to 50 people. A hull of 130m or more is required to accommodate them, lessening the intimacy of the experience for some owners and guests, who may feel overwhelmed by the scale of the deck spaces and the size of the crew complement. 

Lotus: more than a solution, a whole new way of thinking

The superyacht experience that owners and their guests increasingly appreciate is multifaceted. Adventurous world cruising under sail. The excitement of superyacht racing at legendary regattas such as the St Barth’s Bucket. Day sailing among the world’s most beautiful archipelagos. Recognising that different groups of family or guests might want to pursue different itineraries at the same time. Exploration, diving, the ability to explore rias and fjords, even a simple run ashore. 

The answer is Lotus, one superyacht project with two integrated components: the magnificent Lotus 88m | 289ft DynaRig sailing yacht; and her companion vessel the LOTUS 70m | 230ft explorer with a full complement of sea-to-shore transport options and much, much more. 

Lotus is not a sailing yacht with a support vessel. Lotus is a concept whereby two vessels are designed, built and operated in a totally integrated manner to provide the most comprehensive range of superyacht experiences and services ever offered to owners and their guests by the superyacht industry. The result is a wholly new level of personal choice, freedom and flexibility to enjoy the very best of everything superyachting has to offer – without compromise or limits. 

Two mast dyna-rig
Lotus is a bold and original blueprint for the next generation of superyachts

Her concept is leading edge not only for her rig, styling, technology and performance but also for the attractive balance of accommodation and facilities available for guests. A far less intrusive requirement for crew and support team than is normal for a yacht of this size is made possible by the dual-ship Lotus  package. Lotus under sail is a true sailor’s experience, in touch and uncompromised, yet still enriched by the most comprehensive guest services. 

The Lotus sailing yacht offers her owner speed, precision sailing and reduced complexity in terms of both rigging and crew. She has the capability to cruise the world in total comfort and security or to compete in global superyacht regattas. This versatility is derived from the proven and highly efficient DynaRig configuration which, combined with advanced technologies used in construction, propulsion and power management, will place her among the fastest and most technologically advanced sailing yachts in the world. 

Drawn with signature ThirtyC style, Lotus is a masterpiece collaboration with iconic yacht builders Royal Huisman and DynaRig creators Dykstra Naval Architects. With its extensive open spaces, leisure facilities and superlative accommodation Lotus offers almost limitless opportunities for customisation.  

A design evolution

With the ship’s toys and other support equipment accommodated on the LOTUS companion ship, the open deck areas of this Lotus DynaRig sailing yacht with its 14.6m | 48ft beam provide more than ample space for a bow area pool, spacious flybridge and expansive sun deck, linking to the multiple dining areas, huge saloon and the vast beach club below.  

Tall ships, transformed
The great clipper ships were the cutting edge of sailing technology in their day and it is fitting that Lotus’s soaring rig pays tribute to that heritage. But today’s transformation would surely have been beyond belief to the sailors of that era. 

Unlike the clipper ships, where large crews performed tough and dangerous work, the Lotus DynaRig provides a safe environment where a small crew can manage and trim the sails without the encumbrance of lines or winches, and guests can enjoy the deck spaces in total security. This high-performance sailing system underpins ease of handling, reliability, efficiency and guaranteed performance. The masts and all the sails rotate by the simple push of a button, enabling optimum trimming either from the bridge or a remote station. 

Progressive, environmentally aware
Lotus aims to be one of the most technologically advanced sailing superyachts ever created. Environmental awareness, alloyed with smart deployment of new technologies, aims to lessen the environmental impact of both ships’ operations wherever the opportunity arises. 

Two examples: the latest solar technology will be integrated into the masts, capturing sunlight throughout the day; ‘smart’ power generation, storage and management systems will minimize fuel use and even enable the Lotus DynaRig to sail from her berth without starting an engine. 

Built by Royal Huisman
‘Built by Royal Huisman’ doesn’t just mean built to last. It also means built with the finest finishes, craftsmanship and engineering you could possibly wish to incorporate into any yacht. 

With a 135 year history, Royal Huisman is widely regarded as the world’s #1 builder of sailing superyachts. The yard is now extending its expertise, quality and innovation into the creation of exceptional motoryachts. The LOTUS duo, the 88m | 289ft sailing yacht and her 70m | 230 ft explorer companion vessel, will be built from Alustar A5 aluminium for lightness, strength and durability using techniques pioneered by Royal Huisman. These techniques are often copied, but rarely equalled by other yards. 

Royal Huisman’s long history has been the platform for today’s formidable superyacht building capability, yet the passion for innovation and for enhanced perfection will always be the driving force. The first rate customer service and after-sales programmes are as important as the ontime, on-budget delivery of each and every flawless yacht. With its base in Vollenhove, the Netherlands, Royal Huisman also has a deep water location in Amsterdam (both undertaking new-build and refit work) and a well-established service hub in Palma. 

Dine in style – The sunken dining area aft gives full protection from the elements and can fold away during an evening party. 

Life’s a beach –  Enjoy the amenities of the beach club, then escape straight back to your cabin from the aft deck in complete privacy.  

Entertain and relax –  The ultimate entertainmen space, adaptable to any scenario, yet perfectly designed to simply relax and enjoy the views under sail.  

Open air theatre 
Lotus provides the ultimate platform for a unique state-ofthe- art entertainment system that projects onto the forward sails to create an immersive viewing experience for all guests. 

Developed from the ground up, this custom system is built into Lotus’s superstructure. The projection area of 15m | 49ft wide by over 9m | 29.5ft in height combines with a sound system incorporating custom popup speakers strategically placed to create a true 360° audio experience. 

Lotus’s open air theatre is visible from the entire top deck, with ample space for friends, family and guests to sit and relax on the numerous loungers and sofas or in the bars. Where better to watch the stars than under the stars?  

Tender and toys – Hidden under the foredeck is space for two tenders

A refreshing dip? – Escape to the forward pool for a morning swim. With a custom canopy, you can relax afterwards in the sun or shade.

Beyond the finest boutique hotel
Offering the purest of retreats, Lotus’s interior is beyond the imaginable. The most luxurious touches abound with the world’s finest A-grade hides, plush, sumptuous carpets, exquisite upholstery and handcrafted wood veneers. Throughout the ship, guests will find themselves luxuriously cocooned by such materials, incorporated into impeccably designed and crafted furnishings and furniture. 

Hidden secrets, inspired interior 
Lotus offers a uniquely relaxing environment, striking a perfect balance between intimacy and spaciousness. The interior layout marries innovation and comfort with custom-developed finishes designed in collaboration with leading specialists to create a sense of calm and interest throughout. 

The colours, textures, and inherent structure of these materials, together with the dramatic and nuanced effects of indirect and focused lighting, combine to deliver a stunning interior. 

The salon offers its own unique vision with stunning views not only horizontally to the sides and aft, but also vertically, thanks to the beautifully integrated skylight with framing and special finishes from leading decorative artists DKT Artworks. 

Lotus – companion vessel 

One and one makes three
This 70m | 230ft explorer motoryacht is ‘the other half’ of the Lotus equation but in this case the two halves add up to much more than one whole. That is because each vessel is designed to integrate in terms of layout and function with the other to provide the most comprehensive and flexible range of superyacht experiences to owners and their guests ever. 

The Lotus companion vessel is so much more than a shadow or support ship. Her accommodation, for both guests and crew, is of the same superlative standard as will be found on the 88m | 289ft sailing ship. She may act as ‘mother ship’ at a regatta where the Lotus DynaRig yacht is competing, or as solo vessel for one group of guests wishing to explore a remote navigable river whilst others enjoy a day’s sailing. The two will always be in touch, always focused on optimal logistics and service for owners and guests. 

Lifestyle and logistics, operating in harmony 

The functionality of the companion vessel also complements the lifestyle of the sailing yacht, acting as the operations and accommodation centre for the duo’s crew and hotel service entourages, together with pilots, doctors, tutors and any guides or other team members required to enrich the adventures and keep them safe. 

The Lotus companion vessel is designed to house the fullest complement of toys, tenders, cars, helicopters – even a submarine if wished – to enhance the experience of travelling the globe. 

Aggressively styled, futuristic and clean in design, the Lotus companion vessel provides a complementary aesthetic to her sailing partner to act visually, as well as operationally as a complete package. 

Explore further than ever before
The LOTUS duo has been designed to challenge traditional notions of what is possible. This in turn challenges and encourages the owner to explore new territories, in many new ways. 

The Lotus concept reflects the values of the designers and engineers behind this innovation. Each vessel is instilled with complementary and powerful design cues, delivering capability with composure. 

The Lotus truly provides the means for the modern family, their friends and associates, to make more of their world. 

Toys and tenders – Huge exterior storage space allow for the transportation of numerous tenders, jet skis and sailing boat

Helicopter hangar  – Both helipad and heli-hangar with storage, fuelling and maintenance facilities

Garage and workshop- Generous covered storage provides space for submarine, extra tenders and dive station plus workshops for all the toys

Twin mast Dyna-Rig 
Design     ThirtyC Yacht Design
Architect     Dykstra Naval Architects
Builder     Royal Huisman
Length over all     88m | 289ft
Length on waterline     88m | 289ft
Beam max     14.6m | 48ft
Draft (incl. keel)     6m | 20ft
Displacement     approx. 1,450 t
Gross tonnage     1600 GT
Hull speed     20 knots
Sail area     2,200 m2
Air Draft     62.5m | 205ft
Accommodation (in private mode)    1 owners’ suite + 16 guests in 8 cabins + 14 crew 
Tenders and toys    Extensive deck storage on LOTUS companion vessel and on fore deck of LOTUS DynaRIg

Companion Vessel
Design     ThirtyC Yacht Design
Architect     Dykstra Naval Architects
Builder     Royal Huisman
Length over all     70m | 230ft
Beam max     12.9m | 42ft
Draft     3.7m | 12ft
Displacement     approx. 1,300 t
Hull speed     20 knots
Accommodation    1 owners’ suite + 8 guests in 4 cabins + 18 crew 
Storage area    400 m2 for tenders, toys + helicopter (up to D15)

The team 

Designer    ThirtyC Yacht Design 
Working directly with owners, and in collaboration with the industry’s leading shipyards, Naval architects and fellow designers, we share a commitment and enthusiasm for every project and continually look at pushing our boundaries of creativity. Drawing upon new influences and experiences, resulting in a tailored package taking into consideration our clients lifestyle, tastes and dreams. 

Naval Architect    Dykstra Naval Architects
50 years of experience in the design, redesign, naval architecture and marine engineering of classic and modern performance yachts and offers preliminary and concept designs for both pleasure and commercially operated yachts. The combination of sailing experience, skilled engineers and passion for new and sustainable techniques drives us to realize the most challenging concepts. 

Builder   Royal Huisman 
For discerning individuals with a dream to realize, Royal Huisman gives expression to their dream, by creating a yacht that is unique in conception, quality and execution, celebrating the Spirit of Individuality. Founded in 1884 Royal Huisman has evolved from modest builder of wooden workboats to multiple awardwinning creator of some of the finest superyachts in the world. 


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