Sanlorenzo launches the new High-end Services division

At Boot Düsseldorf 2020, Sanlorenzo will launch High-end Services, a new turnkey premium service division, dedicated to Sanlorenzo clients only, which includes the first Single-brand Charter Fleet in the yachting world and the Crew Training Programs at the Sanlorenzo Academy.

To reflect both its ethos of excellence and market position, Sanlorenzo has created High-end Services. A division entirely focused on the proposal of a 360° package of services, to which only Sanlorenzo clients will have access. This peace-of-mind proposal provides innovative services never offered before in the yachting sector: tailor made Leasing/financing packages, Sanlorenzo Charter Fleet, Crew Training at the Sanlorenzo Academy and the Sanlorenzo Timeless maintenance/refitting packages.
Tailor made Leasing/financing packages: Sanlorenzo, in an effort to provide global support to its valuable clients, has reached agreements with its primary financial partners for a structured financial / leasing offer, individually tailored for each client. Italian leasing is the most competitive among the ones complying with EU legislation and the awareness of the competitiveness of the Italian flag is growing. In addition to the absence of a property tax, Italian flag guarantees the maximum legal reliability. With the introduction by law in 2019 of the Electronic Register of Pleasure boats and Superyachts (the same plate form existing for the cars), it offers absolute certainty on ownership.  The services offered also comply with tax legislation on fiscal exemptions for navigation in international waters.
Sanlorenzo Charter Fleet:  a growing numbers of yacht owners are becoming aware that keeping their yacht sailing is the best way to ensure it is always in pristine working order. As well as bringing significant economic results, charter is an attractive activity recently enjoying a striking growth. Sanlorenzo, always attentive to the evolution of the nautical world and to the expectations of its highly demanding clients, has therefore created the first single-brand charter program in the yachting sector. Besides offering Sanlorenzo owners the opportunity to offset the operating costs of their yachts, it provides professional consultancy throughout all the stages following a yacht purchase. As a guarantee of excellence, Sanlorenzo selected Equinoxe Yachts as its operational partner. With over 30 years’ experience in business, Equinoxe Yachts is acknowledged as one of the foremost consultants on the international yachting market and epitomises Italian excellence in the field.

The main assets that make this program really unique are: a 12-month warranty extension for new yacht buyers who intend to have their crew trained at the Sanlorenzo Crew Academy, Technical assistance packages carried out by Sanlorenzo  shipyards, a comprehensive charter management consultancy service covering the legal, administrative and management aspects of the business, marketing of the yacht on the world charter market (traditional and digital marketing, attendance to  the main international boat shows, organisation of Sanlorenzo-branded “Charter Open Days” etc.),  access to Sanlorenzo Crew Academy.

Crew training at Sanlorenzo Academy

Crew training at Sanlorenzo Academy: just as important as the quality of the yacht, the quality of the crew is also of paramount importance. All yacht owners understand and appreciate that having an incredibly professional crew makes the world of difference to enjoying each day onboard. This is why Sanlorenzo have chosen Hill Robinson as their partner to provide the highest standard of crew, selected and trained to meet Sanlorenzo owners’ needs. Their HR Crew division has an unparalleled reputation for the provision of competent crew, training and employment.

Each and every crew member will be trained to the highest possible standard, the Sanlorenzo standard, to ensure owners and guests will benefit from the maximum levels of service, safety and enjoyment that the crew can provide.

Partnering with Hill Robinson to provide this higher level of training for all crew joining their new Sanlorenzo yacht will ensure they are fully familiar with their particular vessel. This includes intensive courses that can last up to 6 months for the highest level of crew training, Among the subjects covered hospitality, guest services and etiquette, on-board procedures, operations and essential routines, safety & security, seamanship, watersports and activities, understanding and actioning environmental concerns.
Sanlorenzo Timeless: it includes a range of services provided with the aim of renewing the timeless value and charm of a Sanlorenzo yacht, adapting it to contemporary styles and tastes, installing cutting-edge appliances and improving instrumentation whose quality decreases over time.

Sanlorenzo Timeless offers three types of services, each complementing the others: Refit, Restyle, Lifetime care. With different level of intervention, the yacht, completely revitalized through its new design, decor and the application of new technologies, will never be a second-hand boat, she simply will be a new Sanlorenzo timeless classic.
All the services offered by Sanlorenzo Timeless are provided in Sanlorenzo shipyards in Ameglia, La Spezia and Viareggio.

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