Southern Wind: SW108 Hybrid Gelliceaux takes to the ocean

The time has come for the new SW108#01 Hybrid Gelliceaux to take to the oceans! 

Gelliceaux has just departed Cape Town, the city of her birth and embarked on a sailing adventure where she will carry her owners and crew on a high seas voyage around the world.

Deck design: Nauta Design

Satisfaction shines through their words, and we can’t help but be proud: “It’s incredibly rewarding to see and experience the boat we have created together. Gelliceaux is definitely a beauty. She will be great fun when cruising and should prove to be a beast when appropriately challenged.”

The owners were guided in their new journey by a team of professionals who, with ingenuity and great dedication, made it possible to achieve what represents a significant milestone for the shipyard.

Naval Architect: Farr Yacht Design

Among them, the client Project Manager, Sebastian Allebrodt of A2B Marine, shared his thoughts on his first experience building a smart custom Southern Wind: “The smart custom obviously gives a client a platform, a hull, which is already proven, and within that platform, he’s able to put his own mark on and change a lot of things, change the interior layout to a certain degree, even change the performance characteristics of the boat. So we’ve chosen a deeper keel, a higher sail plan, more sail area. So especially for clients who get into this market, into this size of boat for the first time, it’s actually a really good step in which they can rely on a platform that is proven.”

Interior Design: Nauta Design


Gelliceaux is currently sailing offshore Namibia, hydrogenerating electricity through the well-proven BAE Hybrigen® System. “This yacht is a genuine marvel of sustainable sailing, capable of generating an impressive 35 kW while sailing at 16 knots and 25 kW while gliding at 14 knots. When sailing at a speed of 10 knots or higher, Gelliceaux could virtually extend her range indefinitely while retaining all the luxurious amenities on board,” explains Yann Dabbadie, SW Technical Manager.

At the helm of Gelliceaux for its maiden voyage is Mariano Sotelo, a highly experienced captain, assisted by a crew of seasoned sailors, who concludes his experience as a building captain with these words: “I think we achieved exactly what the owner wanted, which is a beautiful boat that is safe to sail with his family, friends, and with all the crew if we do a regatta somewhere in the middle, in the Caribbean. This boat is just one of the most beautiful boats. Probably not only that has been built in South Africa, but I think also worldwide. She’s one of a kind Southern wind should carry on building these kinds of boats. I think the custom part of the building is very hard to achieve, and you guys are doing a fantastic job.”

Special mention goes to the shipyard team, who, with dedication, perseverance, and professionalism, contributed to the construction of this marvelous creation! Well done everyone!

Fair Winds, Gelliceaux!

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