Tankoa obtains concession of Ex Privilege area at the port of Civitavecchia

The Genoa-based boutique shipyard, Tankoa Yachts, is pleased to officially confirm the concession of the “Ex Privilege” area within the Port of Civitavecchia. This is part of Tankoa’s plan to establish a new and modern center for naval shipbuilding.

This project is integral to the shipyard’s growth strategy, as a prominent player in the construction and sale of high-quality luxury yachts from 40 meters and above. Tankoa has experienced consistent growth in recent years, necessitating the expansion of its facilities. In 2021, the Genoa-based shipyard identified Civitavecchia as one of the potential ideal locations for the production activities of metalworking, hulls, superstructures, assembly, and pre-assembly of all yachts. The final assembly will remain the responsibility of the historic Genoa shipyard.

Upon reaching full capacity, Tankoa will produce four yachts per year, each exceeding 40 meters in size. Additionally, further activities are planned for the Civitavecchia site, including refit operations if a waterfront area for hauling and launching yachts becomes available.

This operation involves an initial investment of 3 million euros, focusing on the commencement of steel and aluminum metalworking activities, as well as pre-assembly. This initial investment segment aims to plan and execute the growth of the local business cluster that already possesses the know-how for such activities.

“Our vision for Civitavecchia is to manufacture hulls and internalize part of the welding activities. Tasks that have been outsourced until now can be brought in-house, allowing us to have direct control over the quality of the work,” explained Guido Orsi, Tankoa’s Marketing Manager. “In Civitavecchia, we will begin operations almost immediately on one-third of the available space in the former Privilege area.”

Among the planned infrastructural interventions, the construction of a slipway and a haulage and launching basin are notable, intended for the installation of a travel lift with a capacity of 500-600 tonnes for yachts up to 60 meters in length. For larger yachts, Tankoa will utilize the existing 92-meter floating dry dock.

Regarding employment plans, personnel growth is anticipated for various company functions and skilled labor in collaboration with Tankoa’s partners, reaching a total of 250-350 employees at full capacity over the next 5 years.

Tankoa’s initiative in Civitavecchia is based on the assessment of the area’s potential for specific shipbuilding processes. Geographically and territorially, Civitavecchia aligns as a natural extension of the activities that have developed in the last 150 years in the region between Livorno and Genoa, which concentrates over 30% of the world’s production of megayachts and hosts the largest cluster of the global yachting industry.

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