TEAM Italia: The Bridge of the Future

TEAM Italia, Italy’s leading yacht and superyacht integrated bridge manufacturer for more than 20 years, with almost 700 state-of-the-art bridge projects behind it, approaches new international markets with a focus, in the first phase, on Turkey and Northern Europe, before approaching other equally strategic markets.

On the strength of its experience, know-how and the professionalism of its team, TEAM Italia, which has always worked for some of the most important and renowned shipyards in the world helping to create products of excellent quality and proven safety and reliability, is now ready for its international expansion also thanks to an exciting partnership being developed with one of the top players in its market.

The Company, currently focused on the study and applicability of augmented reality, which it expects could facilitate the implementation of autonomous driving, is already experimenting with this technology in collaboration with partner companies with which it has been working for years and in the near future this technology could be implemented and integrated into its I-Bridge®.

“At TEAM Italia we have been talking about the Virtual Bridge for some time now”, says Massimo Minnella, CEO & Founder of TEAM Italia”, so we are already working on 3D technologies that, integrated with on-board systems, will allow them to be controlled and managed in a complete and efficient manner thanks to their virtualisation.

The Virtual Bridge is not, as the name might betray, a virtual bridge, but rather a bridge located in a different area from where we are currently used to finding it. In this way, Owners and their guests would have an entire area on the upper deck (in a privileged position) to fully enjoy the sailing experience and an uninterrupted view of the sea. All this, always respecting the choices of the Owner himself, his Architect, his Captain and, above all, the rules of the Class Register.

By therefore no longer placing the ship’s command area on the upper decks, the Designers will therefore have a large area available for the Owner and his guests. TEAM Italia will be able to support complete customisation of the dashboard, implementing both functional and ergonomic integration.

Adds Minnella: “I believe that in the near future, considering all the data we are now able to collect and process and thanks to all the virtual reconstruction sensors we are implementing, the new “virtual bridge” solution will be just as safe and capable as the current one”.

TEAM Italia’s 2023 bridges are and will be on board 40 boats from 20 to 80 metres

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