The new Zeelander 8 is just weeks away from delivery

It is now just a matter of weeks until the launch of the Zeelander 8, the much-anticipated new flagship of the Dutch yachting brand. Work is proceeding apace at the Groot Ammers-based shipyard, just a 30-minute drive from Rotterdam airport, in order to have the yacht finished to perfection and ready for delivery in July, to start a new life on the French Riviera.

Zeelander’s precise moulding process leaves almost no requirement for fairing, so the hull has already moved smoothly through the paint booth. The Zeelander 8’s voluptuous curves and elegant hull lines have benefitted from a careful spray in Porsche rhodium silver, with contrasting orange and flag blue lines at the waterline. It is 79ft of flawless, gleaming finish.

The sleek superstructure, which creates the volume for a sophisticated social space at main deck level, has also been painted in pearl white. This first Zeelander 8 will have a custom main deck salon, providing unique relaxing and dining opportunities for an experienced owner. Of course, the helm position also takes a privileged position in this layout, with total clarity of view through a mullion-free windscreen and hand-stitched leather seating.

The next step is to unite the hull and the deck – the final feat of engineering required to bring the Zeelander 8 to life. After that, the engineers cede their spaces on the factory floor to the carpenters, fitters and finishers who will transform the interior shell of the yacht into a haven of peace and exquisite styling, in line with the client’s wishes.

By the time the yacht is loaded onto a transporter bound for the south of France, it will represent Zeelander’s boatbuilding capabilities: tens of thousands of work hours, dozens of different disciplines from engineering to craftsmanship and above all, a singular vision of the purity of the yachting experience.

“We are so proud of the Zeelander 8 project,” says Zeelander founder Sietse Koopmans. “Born of a loyal client’s desire for a bigger yacht, the Zeelander 8 succeeds in perpetuating the famous Zeelander aesthetic while hugely increasing interior volumes. And all that without compromising performance. This yacht will be able to reach 40 knots across the Golfe de la Napoule, while our obsessive use of advanced soundproofing means that you will always be able to hold a normal conversation – even at full throttle.”

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