Venini gets onboard with the Custom Line Yachts brand

Venini reaffirms its position as a partner of excellence in the world of yachting attwo of the foremost global nautical events, the 2023 Cannes and Monaco Boat Shows.

A symbol of Italian creativity and art in glass, Venini continues its partnership with Custom Line, a Ferretti Group brand. Heritage, quality, craftsmanship, and singularity are the values shared by these two brands, both representing the excellence of Italian workmanship.

The exclusive creations of Venini are now on board the latest models from the shipyard, Custom Line 140’and Custom Line 30′, seamlessly integrating into interior designs and enhancing them withvibrant colors and sinuous shapes, crafted by master glassblowers in Venetian furnaces.

As the flagship of the fleet, the Custom Line 140′ is a naval work of art that impeccably blends cutting-edge engineering with the refined “Made in Italy” savoir-faire, evoking endless emotions.

A project designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design for the exterior and interior, in collaboration with Margherita Caspriniand Custom Line Atelier for the interiors, characterized by a perfect harmony between the finishes of the furnishings, accessories, and complements, and the overall design solutions of the entire yacht. Here, every detail is the result of meticulous research and attention, aimed at allowing the owner and their guests to enjoy life on board to the fullest.

A romantic yacht, full of charm, the Custom Line Navetta 30 is distinguished by its great elegance. Designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel architecture studio and Filippo Salvetti, it blends the architectural language of nautical tradition with the use of natural materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and the power of light. The metaphor of the sea is evident in the color palette, starting with the choice of blue, in the attention to details, and in the craftsmanship that harks back to the noble art of cabinetmaking.

Venini contributes to these projects with a selection of its iconic Art Glass and Art Light pieces, crafted with customized colors to complement the stylistic choices of each setting.

Aboard the Custom Line 140’, the DECO vases, with their repeated ring motifs that seem to ripple and shimmer like circles in water, and the MONOFIORI BALLOTON vases, whose craftsmanship recreates the matelassé effect in glass with a color palette suggesting the infinite shades of the sea, from aqua green to deep blue, personalize the bow decks, the living area, and the yacht-owner’s cabin.

The LABUAN vases, with their soft and sinuous forms inspired by the Orient, along with the IDRIA vases, bring a touch of timeless elegance to the VIP cabin, while the TIARA pieces by Francesco Lucchese, characterized by a balloton finish that creates geometric optical effects with countless facets, embellish the dining area.

n the central lobby, a minimalist design staircase connecting the main deck to the lower and upper decks is dominated by the ROTONDO pendant lamps designed by Peter Marino. These lamps are crafted using the “Fasce” technique, where the master glassblower hot-casts and amalgamates colored ribbons that wrap around the geometric volumes of crystal glass, creating luminous vortexes of dramatic beauty. This results in a striking contrast between the transparency of crystal and the weight of the material, which imparts a warm and evocative atmosphere.

To board the Custom Line Navetta 30, the limited-edition collection by Emmanuel Babled, PYROS, was chosen. Its textured surfaces act as a canvas for colors projected like meteorites onto the glass, following the artist’s instinctual composition, reminiscent of the gestures in “Action painting.” Each PYROS is unique and unrepeatable, numbered and dated on the exact day of its creation. The living spaces are also enriched by the COCCIO vase, characterized by a Murrine pattern that enhances its form with a graphic design showcasing Venini’s glass art.

In the owner’s cabin, the TIARA vases by Francesco Lucchini provide precious luminous reflections.

A new and prestigious collaboration that reflects the design aptitude of VENINI, whose history of excellence and innovation, along with the exceptional craftsmanship of the master glassmakers, make it an ideal partner for the development of customized projects.

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