Vertus Yachts chooses Tefin and CMD

Vertus Yachts, the brand created by Fabio and Alfonso Galdi to revolutionize the nautical industry with a range of hyper-technological electric daycruisers, has signed an agreement with two important brands: Tefin, a benchmark in electrical and naval electronics assistance with twenty years’ experience, and CMD, which has been designing and building engines and complex systems for the automotive, nautical and aeronautical industries since 1989.

Confirming its desire to radically innovate the sector by offering a range of electric daycruisers with unparalleled performance and reliability, and with the same level of welcome as traditionally propelled motoryachts, Vertus Yachts has chosen to collaborate with two famous brands with many decades of experience, Tefin and CMD.

The pioneering brand created by Fabio and Alfonso Galdi, which will produce its boats in Italy and initially distribute them in the USA, has turned into two benchmarks in the international industry to guarantee the highest levels of quality and technological innovation.

Tefin operates worldwide in the field of naval electrical and electronic assistance and is a benchmark in the maritime, oil & gas and military sectors. Thanks to over twenty years of experience and a high level of technological and environmental know-how, supported by high-profile international partners, teams of specialized technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.

CMD, founded in 1989, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of engines and complex systems for the automotive, marine and aeronautical industries, and has become a symbol of excellence in the engine industry.

Thanks to the contribution of these two partners, the daycruiser range designed by Valerio Rivellini will present itself on the market as a true design and conceptual revolution, thanks to the study of a propulsion system based on two 250kW permanent magnet electric motors, a battery pack of over 640 kWh, and an AI (artificial intelligence) based SEM (Smart Energy Management) system. The maximum speed of the first model will be around 34 knots, while the range will be around four hours at a cruising speed of between 20 and 22 knots.

An onboard heat engine will act as a fast battery recharger and can supplement the cruising range, depending on the fuel tank capacity, from 200 up to 300 nautical miles, launching the first extended range capability in the industry.

The new Vertus Yachts range, whose first 43-footer will touch the water this autumn, will feature never-before-seen software and a series of innovations that will not go unnoticed, including managing the boats remotely.

Fabio Galdi, CEO of Vertus Yachts, commented: “We wanted to rely on two globally recognised partners to add further expertise and experience to our project and be sure to present a boat that has never been built before”.

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