World premiere, Dufour 44 the perfect balance

The Dufour 44 that made her world debut at Boot Düsseldorf, is the result of a rethought design aimed at promoting exceptional outdoor living, whether under way or at anchor. The volume of the cockpit, rivalling that of larger yachts, disclose a unique immersive experience. With the Dufour 44, the yard is pushing the boundaries of innovation and the nautical experience even further.

From experienced sailors to adventure-seeking lovers of the sea, the Dufour 44 is designed to deliver an unforgettable experience. The result of collaboration between Felci Yachts Design and the inhouse design team, the Dufour 44 stands out for her sleek hull design and maneuverability at the helm, guaranteeing sailing that combines precision and responsiveness.

The result is a yacht that will delight future owners, their crews and cruising enthusiasts alike.


The Dufour 44 offers a wide range of configurations to suit all sailing styles. Available in two distinct versions: Adventure and Ocean – as well as in 3 or 4-cabin layouts with two possible interior ambiances. This model offers unrivalled versatility.

Life inside-outside

The versatility of the new Dufour 44 sailing yacht in no way sacrifices her comfort. The spacious and luxuriously interior designed by Luca Ardizio offers everything you need for unforgettable moments of relaxation at sea. From the elegant cabins to the bright, open-plan living areas, every detail has been designed to provide exceptional comfort. The hull’s generous beam will also allow you to enjoy a spacious cockpit as well as an easily reached bathing platform, thanks to its twin access… A new feature at Dufour!

Nicolas Béranger Dufour Sales Director

“The Dufour 44 represents a remarkable step forward. Rather than being a simple upgrade, she features an entirely new design yet remains true to the distinctive Dufour DNA, while drawing inspiration from the latest Dufour models. This new Dufour is perfectly in line with the current trend to widen hulls, particularly in the forward section, to maximize space inside. Despite this expansion, the boat retains a pleasant sailing character, emphasizing optimization for passage-making and comfort, whether under way or at anchor.”

Romain Lucat Director of the Dufour design office

“The Dufour 44 represents an exciting challenge where the search for volume and cohesion in the range combines with the innovative integration of solar panels, highlighting our commitment to sustainability. Our collaboration with architect Umberto Felci and interior designer Luca Ardizio ensures a balance between functionality, aesthetics and performance. Optimized interior space, the inclusion of new technologies and the customization with four distinct versions make the Dufour 44 an exceptional creation, offering optimal outdoor living and remarkable sailing performance.”

Umberto Felci Naval Architect of the Dufour 44

“The objective was to create a spacious outdoor living area, resulting in a proportionally larger cockpit compared to her predecessor of the same size. Our focus was on integrating elements from the Dufour 470 and Dufour 530, emphasizing fluid communication in the cockpit, facilitating easy passage to the deck and optimising the overall length of the boat. We have taken successful elements from the Dufour 41 while introducing new features.”

Innovation in the spotlight

The saloon layout has been designed to offer maximum space and conviviality. Dufour is introducing a new feature, the hexagonal table, which gives a new design to the saloon and enables a large seating capacity of up to 10 people thanks to its removable seats. Forward, the owner’s cabin with its island bed and separate bathroom exceeds expectations for optimum comfort. This new 14-metre Dufour yacht has been designed with an emphasis on detail, atmosphere and choice of materials. The result is a warm, light-filled atmosphere with plenty of space and storage. The Dufour 44 offers a total of 4 different layouts, with 3 or 4 cabins, with the galley either in a fore-and-aft arrangement or located forward.

Luca Ardizio, Interior Designer, Dufour 44

“The approach we adopted is based on research and maximization to create a soft design, playing with curves and experimenting with materials. We opted for the abundant use of white to further accentuate the ultimate look of the boat. This is Dufour’s DNA, it’s our style. We focused on creating a harmonious atmosphere by playing with light to enhance the space we were given. This meant making specific decor choices to enhance different areas of the boat. The white colour was chosen to maximize light and create a luminous atmosphere.”

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