Y8 world premiere at the Palma International Boat Show

The creation of the Y8 from YYachts is a collaborative blend, featuring a team of elite designers: a celebrated naval architect from Spain, a top-tier product designer, and a renowned Danish interior designer, working alongside our in-house experts. Their combined efforts have shaped the Y8 into a perfect example of style and practicality which will be shown for the very first time at the Palma International Boat Show (25 – 28 April).

The interior of the Y8 is a realm of spaciousness and luxurious, rivaling salons found on 90-foot yachts, and is influenced by the furniture industry’s design principles, featuring straight walls, and customizable, luxurious furnishings.
Guiding this grand interior is David Thulstrup, an acclaimed architect and designer known for his innovative blend of Scandinavian elegance and contemporary style, infusing the Y8 with an extraordinary level of sophistication.

From a technical point of view the yacht comes without a backstay, a self-tacking jib, a carbon mast, a hydraulic system and electric winches – showing that this Y8 follows the YYachts philosophy of keeping it simple too. “There is a quote attributed to several famous thinkers,” says YYachts founder Michael Schmidt: “I’m writing you a long letter because I didn’t have time for a short one.” Transferred to yacht building, this means: You have to be able to operate a yacht intuitively and without much effort, so a great many details and processes have to be thought through and simplified in advance. The art is to reduce a yacht to the essentials without compromising on comfort.” 

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