#YourPrivateIsland: when a yacht becomes your retreat of freedom

The new Ferretti Group digital advertising campaign is an invitation to enjoy a summer of privacy and wellbeing on board the magnificent private vessels of eight exclusive brands Wally, Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama; Riva, Mochi craft, CRN, Custom Line

Forlì, 08 July 2020 – Spending the summer on a boat, in total privacy, experiencing maximum freedom while relaxing and socialising, inspired by an island of serenity and beauty. That’s the creative concept behind the Ferretti Group’s campaign proposing a wonderful escape to the many limitations in place on dry land at present, with the ethos underpinned by a high-impact hashtag: “#YourPrivateIsland”.

The digital advertising campaign, which will run throughout the summer on lifestyle and trade media channels, was created in collaboration with Ars Media of Turin, under the creative direction of Silvia Amici and her team, as well as the website project, later developed by Prose.

In the text accompanying the campaign, the “WHAT IF” concept explores the possibility of doing something out of the ordinary, with fewer limitations and more freedom – as our new normal continues to change and evolve on a daily basis. The #YourPrivateIsland hashtag provides the perfect answer, positioning the Ferretti Group’s yachts as private islands – only better.

The visuals feature evocative images and focus on enticing shots of nature, alluding to an immersive experience of relaxation and conviviality. Meanwhile, completing the campaign is a website which delves deeper into these values and looks at the unique experiences to be had on board ( The stars of the “#YourPrivateIsland” campaign are the eight brands in the Group – Wally, Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Riva, Mochi Craft, CRN, Custom Line – and of course the stunning yachts, which provide a way to enjoy the summer exactly the way you want to, free from restrictions, on board your own “private island”. It promises to be a fruitful investment in personal wellbeing and safety.

The key concepts of the campaign include intimacy and conviviality, unrestricted freedom on board inimitable icons of Italian design and the unique opportunity to explore breath-taking scenery. It serves as an invitation to imagine a dream lifestyle – one that can become a reality thanks to these masterpieces of yacht design. Each model featured in the campaign conveys the values and stunning creativity of the brands of the Ferretti Group, a world leader in the international yacht industry which works tirelessly to make dreams come true for shipowners and enthusiasts.

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