Benetti launched M/Y M•Byond, the latest unit of B.Yond 37m

Benetti launched in Livorno M/Y M·BYOND, the third unit in the B.Yond 37M line. With a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, M/Y M·BYOND is equipped with SCR catalytic filters and the innovative Siemens Energy E-Mode Hybrid system that optimizes onboard energy consumption according to specific usage profiles, ensuring a reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions never recorded on a yacht of this category before.

This innovative system makes it possible to travel in four different modes, including the Full Electric modefor zero-emission navigation. To meet the desires of the owner, who showeda strong interest in technology and a keen sensitivity towards reducing the consumption levels of his vessel, a battery pack three times larger than on previous units was installed for the first time on this yacht, allowing considerable autonomy at anchor in Hotel Mode with zero emissions.

On the one hand, the owner of M/Y M·BYONDdemonstrated a clear inclination towards technology andinnovation; on the other, he expressly requested a yacht designed to offer quality family time, which is why a gym area and a cinema room have been included on the Main Deck.

M/Y M·BYOND is scheduled to be delivered to her owner in spring 2024.


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