MYS, a proper introduction to world of superyachting

From Wednesday 28 September to Saturday 1 October, the MYS is determined to give the new pleasure-seeking generation a proper introduction to world of superyachting. Hence the show’s advertising campaign: picture a young couple that has come to the Monaco Yacht Show to discover the fascinating world of superyachting.

By featuring this couple, the campaign reaches out to the millennial generation, whose attitude is more relaxed and less convention-based: they wish to remain themselves, authentic and in constant search of new life experiences. The will to live free is characteristic of Generation Y; they are fully aware of the state of the world and aim to rewrite social norms through a more epicurean approach.

In recent years, this particular lifestyle has slowly redefined every aspect of the yachting industry: technological innovations, design, sustainability, leisure activities both on board and at sea, new exotic destinations and the ability to share one’s experiences with the digital world. Visitors can enjoy exploring all of these themes next September at the MYS.

Superyachting is a personal and distinctly emotional realm. Life at sea has always been synonymous with great adventures: discovering new horizons and, perhaps more importantly, discovering oneself through others. Yachting is similar to sharing authentic moments with family and friends: it comes with great passion.

The official 2022 campaign revolves around three scenarios, featuring a couple sharing life-changing moments together at the Monaco Yacht Show: a morning tender ride into Monaco’s Port Hercule, surrounded by humongous yachts – visiting a superyacht in the middle of the day – and an exclusive evening on board, spent connecting in a truly blissful atmosphere.

The MYS logo has also taken on a more streamlined form, boasting the historic and easily recognisable “MYS” monogram. The name of the Monaco Yacht Show has been brought to the fore and now enjoys a bolder, more modern font. Thus, the show’s graphic and visual identity has been revamped to further highlight the event’s unique, heartfelt drive: to be the world’s leading destination for those wishing to discover the superyachting world of tomorrow.

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