The Italian shipyard Arcadia has launched the fifth A115 hull

Arcadia Yachts is pleased to announce the launch of the fifth unit of its flagship A115. This delivery confirms interest is still high in all Arcadia models, from the “SHERPA 60” to the 35-metre flagship. 

The owner of Arcadia’s latest yacht is a client with considerable experience in the nautical world, who has requested the utmost confidentiality from the very first stages of the negotiations, so the yacht will only be accessible to his small and select circle of friends.

The Italian shipyard has fulfilled this desire and many other customisation requests by working on major modifications and customizations as construction progressed.

The  Arcadia  A115 in a nutshell 
When designing the A115, the aim from the very beginning was to give guests the same experience they can enjoy in a 7-star hotel, in which style, furniture elements and technical facilities are combined in a completely original manner. 

Upper deck
On the A115, the contrast between interiors and exteriors vanishes, creating a single environment that flows naturally between inside and outside. The perfect example is the upper deck, where 140 square metres are designed to create one convivial setting that has the jardin d’hiver at its heart, with full-height windows that provide close contact with the surrounding environment in every season of the year. The transparency clearly perceived when viewing the A115 from outside can be experienced inside as well, with low furniture concentrated inside the volume, away from the uprights and the large windows. Even for voluminous elements, solutions were chosen that would lighten the visual impact as much as possible.

Main deck and dining area
The connection between interior and exterior is also evident on the main deck, where the living room and the aft deck connect seamlessly, while still providing privacy for guests thanks to the arrangement of the furniture elements. The dining area in the middle of the yacht is also closely connected to the surrounding environment through terraces that can open on both sides.

Master and crew quarters
The A115 features an impressive layout in terms of space (around 500 square metres of living space on the three decks), with the owner’s specific request for three guest cabins on the lower deck instead of the four usually provided.

The forward area of the main deck is dedicated entirely to the owner’s quarters: forty square metres that guarantee total privacy, thanks also to direct access from inside the cabin to the outside bow area.

In the bow area of the lower deck, with direct access to the galley, the crew area can accommodate up to 8 crewmembers divided in four cabins. The captain has a cabin on the upper deck directly connected to the wheelhouse.

Semi-planing hull
The semi-planing hull stands out for its hydrodynamic efficiency, which is around 10% higher than other yachts in the same category on the market.

Arcadia Yachts, When the greem factor means well-being on board
From the solar panels that, in the case of the A115, cover a 40 square metre surface and generate approximately 4.5 kW reducing (or removing) the need for generators when at anchor, to the thermally-insulated windows and the high-efficiency semi-displacement hull, everything on board the ARCADIA yachts is designed for a unique experience at sea in direct contact with the surrounding environment. Arcadia Yachts is continuing to invest in research and development to always use cutting-edge technology and create yachts that can perfectly balance sustainability, design, conviviality, safety and ease of use.

The wide open spaces on board each Arcadia allow to immerse in the marine environment, the aft-decks are far more spacious than those of the competitors and create continuity between the yacht and the sea, almost as if it were a natural extension of the yacht. The full-height windows, the side openings and the innovative glass panels that can be raised and lowered like the side windows in a car, generate spaces in which the threshold between inside and outside becomes imperceptible, while closed spaces dissolve and are absorbed by the surrounding nature. 

The natural environment in Arcadia yachts is not only enhanced, but also, and perhaps above all, respected. The large openings that make air conditioning almost unnecessary because pleasant sea breezes can move freely through the yacht; the solar panels providing enough energy to keep the use of generators to a minimum, enhancing also natural sounds when at anchor, and the large, state-of-the-art glass windows with high thermal insulation, proves yet again how committed the shipyard is to maintain its environmental standards.

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