Turquoise Yachts delivered the 75 meter Infinite Jest

75 meter-INFINITE JEST was delivered on 27th July 2023 and left the shipyard for her maiden voyage in the Med before heading across the Atlantic. In just 7 months, she has sailed 19.699 miles on 5 continents, including a trip to Antarctica.

Tim Davison, the captain of Infinite Jest states:

“In December 2023, Infinite Jest left the South American continent in her wake and headed towards the great southern continent of Antarctica. Twenty-four hours later, the air and water temperatures dropped to freezing point, the sea changed color, the wildlife changed, the fog closed in, and the first icebergs were sighted. We had crossed the Antarctic convergence zone and entered a new realm, one full of uncertainty and adventure.

It was at this point that nearly three years of planning and preparation came to fruition. All the planning, meetings, surveys, additional shipyard works, and training were finally going to be put into practice.

What lay ahead of us was the adventure of a lifetime.” 

Following on from 75m INFINITE JEST, Turquoise now has 6 yachts currently under construction including 79m Toro which is next in line for delivery, three 2000+GT vessels – of which the 87m Vento is our largest newbuild to date and a 42m sailing yacht.

Infinite Jest, features exterior design by Vallicelli Yacht Design. Turquoise is also delighted to be collaborating for the first time with interior architect, Sinot and interior designer, Julie Hillman Design. Julie’s direct involvement has created a very unique refreshing interior. 

The styling of the superstructure and the hull makes for an exquisite balance:  a combination of simple sleek lines and a powerful dynamic look. This is particularly evident in the geometry of the front canopies and bulwarks that surround the side decks. The originality of the style, playing on harmonious contrasts between soft and rigid elements, is most noticeable in the sheer line. 

A tight line starting in the bow area, that then, at the center of the yacht, becomes a curved concave line that gently slopes down towards the aft. With a profile reminiscent of sporty sailing, the low angle of the transom slope and the very long forward overhang, make this 75m yacht appear long, slender, and elegant in support of her generous interior volume.

The yacht features an unusually large full-beam beach club which not only opens aft to the swimming platform but also has opening shell doors on either side which convert into extended platforms to the sea. There is a midship tender garage with a massive shell door that gives access to a full-length 10.2m limousine tender.

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