YYachts: Scandinavian design meets German craftmanship

The YYachts success story began in 2015 with the 80-foot-long “Cool Breeze”. The extraordinary sloop developed by Michael Schmidt became the Y8 model, which has delighted numerous owners ever since and has been continuously developed further. 

There are now ten different layouts available for the almost 24-metre-long yacht offering customers and their designers a lot of flexibility in tailoring her to their specific needs and preferences. 

An experienced YYachts owner has now commissioned none other than the renowned architect and designer David Thulstrup to design the interior of his Y8. Thulstrup is an award-winning architect and designer whose refined and holistic approach to architecture, interiors and product design combines his Scandinavian heritage with a modern design language. His practice is grounded upon enduring Scandinavian values of honesty and humanism with a particular emphasis on materiality. A central tenet is a concern for how people feel. By taking a holistic approach to each aspect of a project David creates spaces where people are comfortable and embraced by their surroundings. The look of the interior will reflect exactly this philosophy and Thulstrup’s approach. Warm beige, brown and wood tones create a cozy ambience that is both relaxing and elegant. A plank-like floor visually connects the exterior with the interior, while narrow flat windows and the surrounding windows of the flat Y8 superstructure provide brightness.

Incidentally, the David Thulstrup version of the Y8 has fewer bulkheads than all the Y8 yachts already delivered, which makes it possible to configure the spaces a bit differently. In this layout, the crew occupies their area in the stern, in front of which four guests can sleep in two cabins with en suite bathrooms. The heart of the layout is the salon, which is divided into a lounge with big sofas on both sides and a dining area with a table for six to eight guests. The dining area can be separated with sliding doors to create a very private area or even an office.

The exterior and technical design of the yacht are the work of Javier Jaudenenes and the experienced Surge Projects team, who have already designed numerous fast cruisers for performance-oriented owners. This is why her designer Javier Jaudenes calls the Y8 a “fun boat”.

In contrast to the first Y8 units, this new model has a wider stern, so in combination with the mast set further back, Javier Jaudenes predicts high speed potential for his design: “The Jib will provide a lot of speed. A lot of R&D results from previous projects have gone into the Y8. It is an essence of our experience and will be fast, but at the same time very safe under any conditions. The fact that YYachts builds from carbon naturally suits our philosophy.”  


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