33M Sunreef Explorer Eco, the electric voyager

The definition of luxury yachting is changing. The 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco rewrites the rules with bold architecture and a fresh approach to travel. A safe, self-sufficient and autonomous electric craft for long private expeditions, she was designed to take you to the most remote cruising grounds in all silence. No fumes, no vibrations.

New destinations

Expand your yachting horizons with a catamaran that was tailored for exploration. From tropical islands to the most extreme latitudes, the 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco is a transpacific electric superyacht with an imposing design combining aluminum and advanced composites. Her design aims at maximizing solar power surface with solar panels built into the hulls, superstructure, bimini roof and the entire full-beam bow terrace. The catamaran’s photovoltaic system delivers 50 kWp.

Next level luxury

With a versatile architecture, the 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco is a celebration of freedom and creativity. Her vast and light filled interiors can be adapted to any navigation plan and lifestyle, welcoming an indoor cinema, a spa, a library or a gym. From the large master suite with a private terrace to the airy staterooms, this yacht welcomes her guests to a new level of luxury living at sea. The decors are custom-tailored and use an infinite variety of recycled and recyclable materials and fabrics.

Holistic Yachting

The 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco achieves new levels of efficiency thanks to her energy-saving air-conditioning and smart energy management system. With state of the art watermakers, water-saving taps, a rainwater collection system and an ultra-efficient boiler using heat recovery, the catamaran ensures the best water management experience.

The playground

The yacht’s Ocean Lounge is a vast walkaround relaxation area with direct access to the sea and plenty of storage for dive compressors, sea bobs, e-bikes, e-foils, sailing dinghies and tenders. This space connects with the yacht’s full-beam aft cockpit, boasting plenty of sunning options and a spa pool with panoramic ocean views.

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