40M Sunreef Explorer Eco: Sustainable and Transatlantic

Sunreef Yachts has developed a radical new 40M Explorer model, designed to take its owners further off the beaten track. With slimmer, more efficient hulls, it takes much less energy to propel them at speed through the water. With Sunreef’s ultralight composite build and a state-of-the-art electric powertrain this electric boat can cross oceans.

Sunreef’s proprietary solar skin turns every external surface of the yacht’s hull and superstructure into a power source, generating enough power to run every system on board, from the air con and the icemakers to the jacuzzi and the audiovisual equipment.

The real game-changer is the huge bathing platform aft, which transforms into a beach club for lounging, a watersports launchpad or a dive shop, depending on requirements. Huge fold-down wings here broaden the platform to run round the corner of the boat. Four large bright guest cabins fill the main deck, while the upper deck is largely devoted to the owner’s suite, creating a secluded oasis of calm. Step out of the sliding doors aft onto the owner’s private terrace.

By slicing into the water ahead of the yacht, the bows take the sting out of the incoming waves. This makes for a more comfortable guest experience by reducing pitching and lessening the energy needed to propel the yacht. Alongside the twin 540kW motors with their 10-knot cruising speed, the bows are a key part of the Sunreef Explorer Eco’s transatlantic capability. The 40M Sunreef Explorer Eco can accommodate 10 guests in astonishing comfort, supported by seven crew members.

Explorer and Sunreef ambassador Mike Horn has helped to inspire the design of the new yacht in a growing collaboration with the brand. Sunreef Yachts’ CEO joined him in Greenland as part of his “What’s Left” sailing expedition. “Exploring Greenland under sail with Mike has served as a profound source of motivation for me to continue to act for a sustainable future within the yachting industry,” said Francis Lapp.


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