60 years of CRN, a PressMare Special Edition

CRN’s 60th anniversary, a momentous milestone, deemed deserving of a ‘Special’ feature crafted by the dedicated PressMare editorial team. We embarked on a journey to trace the shipyard’s rich history, established in 1963 in Ancona, Italy. This led us through its yachts, its pioneering construction techniques, and the remarkable individuals and enterprises that have made substantial contributions to its growth, propelling it into a present brimming with anticipation for the future. CRN is now poised to embrace the challenges of an increasingly eco-conscious yachting industry. The company offers yachts that continually push the boundaries of efficiency, seamlessly melding cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions with the unparalleled craftsmanship synonymous with the finest Made in Italy. In doing so, each launched unit is transformed into a precious and exclusive masterpiece in every aspect, ready to navigate the seas of tomorrow.

Creating this 60th Anniversary Special on CRN proved to be a formidable undertaking. We delved into the realms of old texts and vintage magazines, engaged in conversations with project managers, engineers, and seasoned skippers, and compiled firsthand accounts amassed by our editorial team over the years. Furthermore, we attended numerous yacht launches, explored the shipyard – now a part of the Ferretti Group’s Superyacht Yard – and traversed the globe to partake in international boat shows where the brand proudly exhibited its masterpieces. Each of these experiences afforded us the opportunity to unearth hidden gems, all of which we have endeavored to encapsulate within our editorial work.

Wishing our readers’ curiosity, we warmly invite you to download our ‘Special 60 Years of CRN’ accompanying to this brief presentation. Enjoy your reading!

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